[Podcast Ep. 20]: 4 Elements of Swag Absolutely Essential for Attraction


There is a consciousness shift happening in our current culture as it relates to attraction.

I'm not referring to The Law of Attraction necessarily - I'm talking about attraction to other human beings - in friendship, romantic relationships, work relationships, etc.

We're paying closer attention to who we connect to, how, and why.

The Law of Attraction DOES play a part in this, but what I'm more referring to is the attraction elements that draw you to another person. What IS it about them exactly that pulls you in to want to know more or get their point of view?

What do they have that causes you to want to connect and STAY connected?

In today's podcast episode, I'm exploring the 4 elements of "swag" I believe are integral to connections in our modern society.

As a student of human behavior and connection, I love watching two people connect no on think should - or who don't appear to have enough in common to have such a strong connection.

I'm obsessed with how we connect with one another, on what level, and what keeps us connected to someone.

And this episode isn't just for romantic partnership - the principles and elements are what I've seen in friendships, co-worker relationships, and familial relationships too.

The 4 elements important for human connection today we discuss in this episode:


The ability to laugh at life, laugh at jokes, people, and life in general. We'll talk about positivity too as well as people who are easily offended as sub-elements under humor. I also dive into emotional reactivity as it relates to humor. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer or Negtive Nelly. We'll dive into all of this in this element.


Ambition. Hustle. The ability and desire to go for it. The person who actually cares to go for it - all relates to hustle. As sub-elements of hustle, we'll also talk about having vision, a plan, forward progress, and who are motivating. This level of consciousness that recognizes who we're connected to is important and on the rise. No one wants to be a part of a relationship of any kind that doesn't feel useful. At least, that isn't true human connection. Pushing another person forward in some area is important for the truest human connections in this life experience.


No one wants to connect to someone who is dishonest. This isn't just being honest about a situation. It also includes not withholding valuable information from someone, selectively sharing, or leading people on to think they desire you only to discover they only really connected to you for one thing or to get what they wanted from you in certain aspects.


"Sit down. Be humble." Thank you for writing the song on it, Kendrick Lamar! This part of the episode will talk about people who are completely identified with their ego or repel people because they're so hung up on their ego, aren't open to learning from others, don't care to seek opinions other their own, or aren't willing to admit wrong or misappropriation.

Now that you've listened to the episode, I'd love to know:

Was there anything I missed that you consider a VERY important element of swag that people carry today that make people want to connect to them? If so, let us know in the comments.

As always, I appreciate your ear, your point of view, your thoughts, and listening to this podcast.

Thanks for being here!



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