Fall 2017 Easy Cubicle Upgrade Idea

Project: Cubicle Upgrade (Spring/Summer, 2017 to Fall, 2017)

Cost of the Project: $60

Timeframe to Work Within: 1 Hour (Excluding Setup)

Budget for Products: $75

Color Palette: Gold, Black, White, Purple

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's walking into a Hobby Lobby and putting things together in less than an hour. And today, I did just that. I also only spent $60 bucks doing it (cough, cough......under budget might I add!). I either already knew I had an item or I bought what was needed to supplement for 40-50% off. Nothing was purchased at full price.

I took this cube from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Fall with $60 and an hour max for shopping - setup took about 30 minutes. 

Before I move on, I want to give you a lot of value, so take these tips and USE THEM.

5 Little Known Tips for Upgrading Spaces:

  • Hobby Lobby is known for their sales that rotate the store (i.e. floral might be 50% off this week, 40% next week, and regular price the next), so look up what type of decor is on sale on their website or app before you head in there to get an idea of how much you might be about to or willing to spend. (I'm not sure about Michael's or other home stores, it might be similar). In other words, if you know you're going for a lot of ceramic or wood, see if ceramic or wood decor is 50% off that week. THAT'S when you want to go!

  • Shop seasonal. Unlike fashion magazines where seasonal stuff coming out in-season is not typically on sale (it's usually full price), home decor stores are the opposite, and the reason is becausethey usually need to get rid of their inventory as fast as they stock it, so it will tend to be 40-50% off right out of the gate. Stores like Hobby Lobby buy in bulk, so even with a deep discount like that, they're still making good money. Their business model is a bit different from a department store in that way. It's a win-win for all.

  • Have a budget. Don't go in with an open pocketbook unless you have the room to do so. I always go in with a number in mind and willpower. "T - you can't go over $50 bucks today." I'm not going to say I'm always successful for my personal trips, but it tends to at least help me not splurge. [Insert guilty emoji here].

  • Take inventory of what you have first. What do you already have in your _________ you're upgrading? What will you use and what do you want to throw away?

  • Have a vision for colors and inspiration for creative ideas. Before I upgrade a space, I always look on my favorite websites to see what ideas I can get. I get a general idea of what I'm going for, then once I walk into the store, I have some parameters to help keep me in budget and on vision. It is very very helpful! For clients, it's all about them - what colors do they want? What kind of texture is appealing? etc.

Once I got into Hobby Lobby today, I wanted to mix oranges and purples, since I had some moving room with that. It just came to me to do those 2 colors because they're opposite on the color wheel, yet beautiful together. I knew what I already had to work with too - I had white vases and gold and black accents. I would incorporate the purples and orange things I picked with that in mind.

I also knew I had 3 white vases on the desk; all different sizes. And with that, I knew I didn't want to do all 3 the same. Visually, I wanted to do one large arrangement with all the colors, one vase with just leaf stems, and the other one something else, but I still didn't know what. I had been trying to figure it out the entire time.

Here's the first vase with just leaf stems surrounded by 3 apothecary jars I already had to work with from Home Goods filled with candy, gum, and chocolates for passers-by.

The next vase would be the one I wanted to hold the largest arrangement. There's really not an art to it - once you have your colors picked out in your mind in the store, just start going down the floral aisles, pulling stems you like! Get enough that the vase will be full without looking like an over-stuffed leafy mess, and hold what you're pulling in your hand to ensure it all compliments well.

I also added a little purple tealight holder with an LED-lit candle to the mix, since most offices don't allow open flames in-office.

The phone is sitting on a stack of Architectural Digest magazines, and the pen holder was already there - it holds lotion for after-bathroom use, an extra pair of sunnies, pens & pencils, an extra packet of fresh flower food for when fresh flowers are on the desk, and cuticle nail oil.

Next is the final corner of the desk. Remember me saying I still didn't know what in the world I was going to put in that 3rd vase? I was literally walking around Hobby Lobby with that vase nagging at me - what can you put in the smallest white vase? What are you gonna put in the small white vase? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!!

Then, it happened. Like it ALWAYS does. Ha! I turned around and saw the biggest pine cones of LIFE on the Christmas aisle, and I instantly thought, "Hmmm.....I can put one of those in that smallest white vase - that would be something different, yet Fall-ish!" And so it was. And I decided to encompass the vase with the larger 2 of the 3 pine cones to give it a small Fall in theforest effect. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

The lamp was already there and so was the tray, vase, and white/gold documents holder. All I did was supplement and create visual interest around them. I got a pack of Fall faux leaves and just casually placed them around the tray. I moved them around until I liked how things surrounded them as well. There's a matching purple tealight holder too and a little purple pumpkin.

Finally, there was some space to create something between 2 large desk monitors - it looked a bit naked. I had a succulent that was already there as well as an extra shiny purple pumpkin. I brought visual interest to the little vignette by taking a few leaves from the tray.

That's it! A quick, easy way to upgrade a cubicle for seasonal, visual interest.

I hope you enjoyed the tips, ideas, and photos.

Shop the entire post below, and happy Fall!



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