[Podcast Ep. 16]: How Can You Be More Confident in Your Decisions?


"Actions are facts. Words are thoughts."

Today, I saw a quote that said, "Actions are facts. Words are thoughts." I loved the quote, and it gave me the topic for this 16th episode of The Modern Woman Podcast.  One of the hardest thing for some of us is being more confident in the decisions we make. And one of the reasons it's so hard is we sometimes are acting out of routine, other people's opinions, what's always been done, or some fleeting thought we had we decided to believe and take action on that we deeply regretted later.

Does that sound familiar?

If it does, this episode is for you.

I'm going to chat about how I used to think I needed to be more confident in what I thought - my ideas. But the more I pressured myself, the worse I felt. Then I stumbled upon a spiritual teaching that taught me I could and should question my thoughts, and everything started to change.

I started asking questions TO my thoughts, like "is that true" and "who would I be without this thought?" In peace? More calm? Clear?

I'll teach you the other 4 things I learned about thoughts, too.

Then, we'll look at how these thoughts you have all day every day tie into the decisions you're making - what their role is in your actions.

To recap, here's the big main takeaways from this episode:

  • Actions are facts
  • Words are thoughts
  • Thoughts are fleeting
  • Thoughts change
  • Thoughts can and should be questioned
  • Thoughts require confidence AND flexibility both
  • You can be much more confident in your decisions when you understand the thoughts and actions behind them.
  • Actions + Thoughts = Decisions
  • "The most respected woman on the plane is the one who loves her decisions."
  • When you love your decisions, no one else needs to (because you're respected and noticed for making your own)

Thanks so much for showing up in life & listening here, too.


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Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash