Confessions of An Introvert: 15 Surprising Lessons I Learned in 2013


On Introversion:

Each introvert has their own unique set of advantages & skills to offer the world, based on how they see the world, their story & what they've been through in life, the mindset they hold, and how they naturally show up in self-expression.  And whoa!  Once they tap into this beauty & knowledge of their own introverted traits, unbelievably beautiful, gorgeous things happen for them.

On Highly Sensitive Personality:

The reason loud noises and boisterous behavior have bothered me my entire life.

My central nervous system is extremely different from some people's - I'm very sensitive to light, sudden movements, loud noises, chaos (in relationships & otherwise), and will withdraw from these at almost any cost to either prevent them or stop them from continuing.

When it hurts, it really hurts.  When it feels right, it feels right regardless of any seeming obstacles.

The need to create a rich, yet easy-to-digest digital eCourse for you on this topic.  (In progress for a 2014 release & enrollment)

On Relationships (of any kind):

I'm tired of some people saying "I love you" to me and not meaning it.  I can't control another human being (nor am I interested in trying), so I plan on exploring how to balance this "love" facade problem I see in the world within myself in the new year. It's not enough for us to say we love someone - without actions, it's only words and means absolutely nothing.

If we spent near the time healing from old wounds as we do creating new ones, we would be in much better shape as a society and as families.

Abusive cycles are more often unseen and unnoticed as they are seen and noticed. We need to pay more attention to how we're treating others and how we're allowing them to treat us.

On Life:

"What you fight, strengthens. What you resist persists." Eckhart Tolle

Resistance takes on many forms in our lives: sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, excessive spiritual seeking in the wrong places, television & entertainment, illicit fantasies, abusing our expressions (either by judging ourselves harshly regarding them or not using them at all), and devising wicked & manipulative schemes to ensure we get what we want from others to make ourselves feel powerful.  I have seen all of these this year in some form or another, whether through stories told to me or otherwise.

I've now seen the need to help you come out of your own resistance with regard to self-expression & creativity from some things I can teach you I've learned on my own journey and learned in 2013.  To learn to deal with things like perfectionism, fear, resistance, and your creative process as a gentle, quiet innovator & thinker.  To learn the difference between over-sharing and vulnerability in your work & expressions, and clinging to feedback vs. seeking the right support systems.  How to cultivate greater connection through what you've experienced and your authentic way of expressing it.  (eCourse in development for 2014 release)

On Business & Work:

Not enough people know about my work.  It's my job to ensure that they do.

On Community:

It's super important, no matter how uncomfortable, to connect with others like you - in your own way, yes, but connection doesn't mean never saying anything - that's disconnection.  Sympathy drives disconnection - empathy fosters connection. Sitting by and saying nothing ever to connect with another or help someone else is the same as being sympathetic - driving more and more disconnection.

Highly sensitive introverts need to scope out the right communities for themselves and then get involved. A big reason many introverts aren't involved anywhere is because we have tried to be involved everywhere.  It's healthier to pick 2 or 3 places where we really want to be part of the conversation, and to be a big part of it.  Somehow, we have to overcome our fear of missing out in order to accomplish this sort of self-discipline and ultimately, greater connection & enjoyment for where & how we're showing up.

On Money:

There's more where that came from. It's just options. And I can create wonderful things and serve other human beings while also making a gorgeous living for myself - it's okay.  You can too, by the way.

A personal note:

I wanted to say thank you - thank you for reading and wanting to grow with me. Thank you for letting me into your inbox, trusting me to hire me and take you through different ways of thinking, and thank you for your comments & sharing with me in 2013.  2014 looks really great for us here. More education, less worry about what people think or others are doing online, less perfectionism, getting more done, and an accelerated learning path that feels right - feels authentic, real, and completely peaceful.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and for being a part of mine.  You have no idea how much it means to me.

I'd love to know today - what did YOU learn in 2013 that is really sticking out for you?   

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash