Black, White, & All Things Right


Top: Vince Camuto


Bag: Sam Moon Trading


Jeans: Good American (Good Legs Black)

White Top: Vince Camuto by Nordstrom | Jeans: Good American in GoodLegs Black 002

Grey Bag: Sam Moon, Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 | Black Suede Pumps: ShoeDazzle, Similar

Tribal Link Necklace: Sam Moon, Similar | Gold Watch: Charming Charlie | Rings: Torrid, Similar Here and Here

Let's be real. There's nothing more chic and put together than a black and white outfit. Y'all will always see me wear tons of navy blue, but don't think I don't still love a nice black & white outfit!

This particular outfit is sophisticated without being overly classy, yet it's modern and timeless. No 70's era needed for thisbell sleeve to always be in style! And ripped jeans? Also timeless. I don't think this look will ever go out of style.

Story behind the shirt

Nothing too hard - I was walking through Nordstrom at The Galleria Dallas on my way to buy candles at White Barn, and this little sexy classy white collar of a shirt screamed my nameeeeeeee as I walked by! I was like "what the what?" I have to have that shirt! Vince Camuto never disappoints, so hence it ended up in my arms. In my defense, I waited until after I bought the candles to buy it, so that I sort of "waited" a little before purchasing it. 30 minutes counts, right?! :-)

Story behind the jeans

When Good American came out, I was very happy with the way the denim looked. I could tell it wasn't just another denim line by how women were talking about how they fit. The founder, Emma Grede, was familiar to me because I read Porter Magazine. I had seen a full interview with her just months prior in Porter and remember LOVING her style, her business, and her attitude about work in that interview. And well.....everyone knows who Khloe Kardashian is! When I saw these 2 women had started a denim line, I knew it wasn't going to be ordinary in any way. I had to have a pair, so I purchased my first pair. Do you want to know something? It's the MOST I've ever spent on a pair of pants. $180? I thought that was ridiculous at one point in my life, but for premium denim, it's actually about right.

Once I got the jeans in the mail, getting them on was interesting. Looking at them you'll think they aren't going to even be CLOSE to fitting! Because they're stretch. You've got to sort of wedge yourself into them, but once you do - wow. COMFORTABLE. And NOT itchy! Let me just tell you - all denim is not created equal, people! This denim is soft to the touch and comfortable on the skin, and I would know as a highly sensitive person who can't wear anything that's itchy or irritating.

All in all, I hope you'll pick up a pair of these jeans and enjoy shopping this post!



Photography by Esther Huynh (Please check out her site - it's FIREEEEEE!)