Black Tights, Snakeskin, & Why Porter Magazine Is My Only Subscription


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On Porter Magazine


I used to subscribe to about 15 magazines back about 3 or 4 years ago. I was obsessed. Hashtag #obsessed. :-)

That was dumb. I barely had time to read them, read the actual articles rarely, and almost never got through them all. I DO collect magazines, so they went to good use in decor, but that's about it. I know I had to have missed some great content.

So I got smart. I cancelled all of those subscriptions, and just ended up getting one. Porter Magazine.

The reason? I opened it and fell in love in a Barnes & Noble bookstore. I gasped! The editorials, the content, the fonts, the beauty, the structure - how easy it was to read and flip through. There is nothing like this magazine if you're a modern woman.

And I would soon find out it was packed with extremely fantastic content from Motherhood to being single to children to shopping to losing spouses to losing jobs to being an entrepreneur. The STORIES are so incredibly rich with meaning. I couldn't put it down. In 10 minutes, they had a new subscriber.

If you're looking for this kind of content, subscribe to Porter magazine today. I'm not an affiliate for them - I'm not an affiliate for them; I just believe in their content that much and what it can do to enrich your life as a modern woman.

On the outfit


Regarding this outfit, I went for something pretty short I would never wear without the tights - I'm just too conservative to do so. However, it works well with tights. It is still cold in the mornings & evenings in Dallas, so this is a perfect transition outfit. It says warm, yet it isn't too scratchy-sweatery-bulky. It's classic and comfortable, believe it or not.

Obviously, if you're not used to wearing heels, you could also wear flats & it would be cute that way, too.

Thanks for flipping through my style - now go get Porter! :-)



Photography by Esther Huynh