Back and Blue

Back and Blue. The title of this post isn't a typo! I've been MIA on my style game for a few months. I've been moving and working on a project, which resulted in me completely immersing myself in that area. No apologies needed. Ha!

However, I'm "back and blue" in this post and 35 pounds lighter, if I do say so myself. :-)

I've been losing weight for the past several months. I finally got disciplined about making working out a part of my lifestyle. To be honest, I had tried this several times before and, for some reason, the routine of making it a habit was very difficult for me.

As we all know, it's never about what it's about, so I had to start asking why I couldn't take control of my health. I had to answer those hard questions and come to the conclusion that part of it was just pure laziness. I have always been confident in the skin I'm in, but I was eating what I wanted and not working out consistently. I was also emotionally eating whenever I felt like it.

So I had to take back control of my own thoughts and mind and conquer what it was really about.

I love this outfit! It's classy, cool, chic, and can be worn in a number of situations for summer. Patio parties, luncheon, brunch, out with the girls, date night, you name it. The outfit is multi-tasking like a real modern woman DOES. :-)

I paired a nice blazer with short shorts to elongate my already long legs and a pointy heel for even more sass and sexiness. I don't mind if I do, thank you very much!

Outfit deets are below and you know me - if they don't have the exact item I'm wearing, I'll connect you to alternatives in many price ranges.

Thank you for loving my style and being here!



PS - Do you like the music suggestion at the bottom of this style post? Let me know! :-) New Feature!

Photography by Esther Huynh

Outfit Details

BLAZER: Worthington (Similar Here)

SHORTS: Mid-rise utility shorts by Ana


**Style hint: I use an extender on mine, so it doesn't "choke" me, literally!

HEELS: Jessica Simpson**Regular $80; On Sale for $35 right now!

HAIR: Von Anthony Salon in Frisco

DIAMOND BROOCH: Bauble Bar**3-Pack I bought this in comes as a set

LEOPARD CLUTCH: Sam Moon (Similar Here)

COCKTAIL ICE RING: Vintage Chico's (Similar Here)

FIREY RED LIP PAINT: Vanity Raine by Coloured Raine

EYEGLASSES (MARINA BLUE): Colin by Warby Parker in Marina Blue

AVIATOR SUNGLASSES: Dempsey by Warby Parker in Polished Gold

SILVER HOOPS: Sam Moon (Similar Here)

SILVER WATCH: Charming Charlie