5 Marketing Musts That Create Confident Business Owners & Brand Builders

Camilla Akrans

Okay, so I was really trying to avoid this post, but I have been a little frustrated lately with some things around the web - either when I'm trying to shop or with graphics and other marketing materials and principles I've seen. I understand that some people are just getting started online and everyone's at different levels of business and/or content building online. I totally get it. I've been at this for almost 10 years and it's a learning process. I have by no means arrived. However, I've had extensive training and have built an international audience from the ground up. I have some tips I think can help you if you're willing to learn.

As someone who exists on both sides of the fence - consumer and content creator - I have recently seen and experienced some things around the web that are prompting this post:

  1. I went to buy from a luxury jeweler online 2 days ago and there was nowhere to buy! I was astounded at how gorgeous this jewelry was and was prepared to buy, but there were no prices and no buy buttons. No stockists. Nothing. Just photos you click on and see pictures. HUGE marketing no-no. And I did something most people won't do - I wrote in and asked, "how do I purchase your stuff?" It's been 2 days and there's no response yet. Epic fail. Not good people!
  2. I have also recently heard about people committing me to their events without me even saying "yes" to it. One of the biggest marketing rules - clarity. Be clear on your own stuff and who's coming to your stuff. Don't say someone will be at your event when they didn't definitely RSVP to it. :-)
  3. Spelling errors on marketing materials and fliers. Look - I probably have a TON of misspelled words throughout this site. However, I double and triple-check any marketing that goes out on Instagram (Modernity Memo) and other public things that are posted that aren't embedded into text. There is a lot to be said for you inviting someone to your event with misspelled words on the invite. Yes, the person who points it out may tick you off, but what if you just made sure they had nothing to notice? Isn't that better from a marketing perspective?

These are just a few examples from JUST last week.

A lot of women are doing great things in business online. It's absolutely wonderful. But from a marketing perspective, I'm a little surprised lately at some of the marketing collateral online I've seen.

Quality of graphics, spelling & grammar efficiency, and presentation are key to having people go to your events, buy from you, and want to connect with you. 

In addition, if you'd like to build an internationalaudience, it's important to understand content strategy and what yours is going to be (and have one).

Everyone has their distinctive styles and ways of producing content. You'll notice my content strategy here - I link within posts, I have columnists, I have a newsletter, I do a podcast, and I use social media. I'm very very strategic about how content is crafted, curated, and shared on social media. I infuse myself into the brand on every corner, too.

Today's tips are from my directexperience and what I know and have learned from top marketers online. I've studied hundreds of hours of marketing for myself and my work here to ensure I'm delivering high levels of service, graphics, and totality of experience to everyone -browsers, readers, listeners, customers, and onlookers. I also do my dead-level best to lead by example.

Here's my philosophy:

Marketing is a holistic business practice and spiritual path for passionately and fiercely sharing the work you do. It's not just a flier or Instagram post - it's a strategy for letting the world know what and who you're about. If you're not comfortable with that on a consistent basis, you need to change your relationship with marketing. Without a love affair with marketing, you won't grow.

So I'm teaching some marketing principles I've learned today with you that flow from that belief and philosophy. Here are just 5 quick but in-depth tips you need to start employing on your website and/or for your brand or business if you aren't already:

1 > Invest in High Quality Graphics

I can't stress the importance of this enough. There's tons of online tools that will allow you to make stellar, high-quality graphics for your site and events. I keep seeing stuff online that looks like it's made with Paint on a PC, and that's a huge no-no in our modern technological 21st century. There is no excuse for cheap-looking graphics when you have sites like Canva to use for FREE. Not acceptable. It's time to step up your graphics game. If you really want to go all in, you can use Photoshop. :-)

2 > Disperse Stellar Content

And by stellar, I mean unique. Distinct. One-of-a-kind. And quality. There are sites out there that all they do is regurgitate information - this is their primary content creation strategy. There's nothing wrong with that if that's what they want to do - but it's not original or unique. These are sites that specialize in connecting you back to the original - i.e. "Kim Kardashian Wears ____ Makeup to Kanye's Fall Launch", then they put a paragraph from another website in the article and link you to it as the "source." This is an example of regurgitated content. It's a traffic strategy to get people to their site. The problem is they leave just as quickly when you're then telling them where you really got the content. For Modernity, that just doesn't work and isn't our strategy here. Not throwing stones. Just 2 different strategies and purposes for existing on the web. Here, my strategy is about traffic and quality, life-changing content. It's no small task.

I don't exist to just yield traffic. If I wanted to do that, all I would write about would be the Kardashians. :-)

You'll notice everything here is written by me personally or one of our columnists from personal experience, in a teaching capacity, or with guidance of some sort. It's extremely unique content that is disseminated here.

Still, there are other sites that have a ton of writers and "unique content", yet it's hardly ever seen from or shared again. It's like they're in a race to see how many articles they can produce in a day or a week, yet they aren't quality or they're never heard from or shared from that day on, which is unfortunate for the writer who poured their heart and soul into the piece. I've been that writer and it sucks to never have your stuff shared again and no one to understand how hard you worked on the article, only to have it sit there indefinitely for nothing.

When you write for us, that won't happen. Your stuff will forever be shared on a seasonal basis. It may be 2 years down the road, even. Edgar will still be sharing your article.

This leads me to #3 - Remarketing.

3 > Remarket Your Stuff. A Lot!

Remarketing is just that - marketing something again. And again. And again. And again. And if you forgot what marketing is to us here, refer to the top of this post. :-) So we're employing a strategy to share what we do and the article or content again and again and again.

Did you know that Twitter has so many people on it that you can share the same thing every 3 minutes and thousands of different people will see it each and every time? That's how crowded social media is and how much content is floating around the interwebs! Every. 3. Minutes. People.

Do NOT be afraid to re-share your stuff. Repeatedly. I use a seasonal approach to remarketing here at Modernity that has grown my audience considerably. I learned this strategy from top marketing and lifestyle expert, Marie Forleo in her B-School program. I graduated from the program in 2009.

It's not necessarily a free or cheap strategy or platform - it's $49/month. But it's worth it. I turn it on for 3-6 months and off for 3. It's called Edgar, and it's golden. I have every single article ever published on this website loaded in there and categorized. Each one is on a set schedule too. It does take a considerable amount of time, but the difference between Edgar and all the other platforms is that you only have to load it once! Edgar is an engine that runs and runs and runs. It will pump out your content as much or as little as you tell it to as the content creator to whatever platforms you want - total customization.

Like I said - LOVE AFFAIR with marketing. ;-)

People love it when I post old articles they missed! I still get comments on extremely old posts to this day! It works, people. Remarketing is no joke and it must be part of your strategy.

Style bloggers note - Just because something might be "out of season" outfit-wise the day it gets shared (i.e. a sweater and boots post in the middle of June), don't think it still can't be shared. That's a myth. You should be sharing every single outfit post year-round! You'd be surprised at what and when people will buy. As an expert marketer, you've got to learn to destroy what you assume about buying behavior. There's some woman looking to buy sweaters in the middle of July somewhere in the earth. You may be the only style blogger who gives her that option (well, other than me). LOL!! Get busy!

4 > Learn Multiple Platforms & Their Purposes

Instagram isn't Facebook isn't Snapchat isn't Pinterest isn't.......

You get the point. Here's my philosophy on this - find the 3 or 4 major platforms you want to market your business on and put your all into them. Learn the ins and outs of them and how people are finding you and sharing your content on each one.

Modernity's biggest platform, believe it or not, is Pinterest. And I think it's because of what I share. Women love the teaching on my pins and the quality of the photos. I don't share quote posts with misspelled words, either. Ahem. If I see a misspelled word - no matter how bomb the quote is - it gets ignored. TOTALLY! And I don't share photos that don't load with quality. I also have a ton of pins with massive teaching elements and principles on them. It's like getting visual coaching.

That's an example of utilizing a platform to its fullest extent and understanding how people are interacting with your content. :-)

You got this! Learn the platform, apply your content strategy to it, and watch it flourish.

5 > Social Media Cross-Sharing

Last, but not least today is social media cross-sharing. So once you've targeted your key platforms, learned them, understand how your potential customers and or readers are using it and interacting with it, share your stuff there!!! This is a no-brainer. And don't be afraid to over-share. When I push publish on this article tonight, it'll go to these platforms immediately:

  • Google +
  • Facebook (my private one - no Modernity page exists)
  • Linked In (Depending on the content - this one will definitely go there)
  • Pinterest (On MULTIPLE boards!)
  • Instagram in a few days
  • Twitter

Social media cross-sharing. Done. And you use this same strategy when you set up your remarketing system.

I hope these tips are helpful. Let me know what you're going to put into your strategy today that you learned and can put into action!!! I've used all of the above tips to grow my audience internationally.

Remember: The only reason we share anything we do (i.e. marketing) is to be of service in the world and change someone's life for the better by letting them know what we have for sale or an article we wrote or a new episode of our podcast or TV show. If that's not what we're doing, then we're wasting our own time and the time of others. Marketing should be enjoyable and empathetic. It's not a piece of paper or a graphic.



Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash