A Floral Garden With "Country" Pants


Outfit Details

Navy Blue Floral Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Women’s High-Rise Seamed Flare Jean: Wrangler

White Wedges: Nine West

Rings: All vintage in memory of my Momma, who I miss with all my heart & soul


Among other things, there are 2 things I do REALLY well: Flowers (in any form) and denim. :-)

Shout out to Tori Gonzales for posting this adorable pair of Wranglers on her Instagram, which caused me to go into a frenzy & immediately buy them!

Honestly, these jeans are some of my favorite now in my closet. I branched out a few months ago & bought all new jeans. For real. I threw out every pair of jeans in my closet, since I lost a bit of weight, but none of them fit right either. I did my homework on denim, and now I know what to look for.

I had no clue what “recovery fabric” was.

Once you’ve had premium, good denim in your closet, buying cheap denim that just stretches and never returns to the shape it was when you bought it is a no-no. And you will notice the difference when you invest in good denim.

There’s a time I would’ve never considered buying jeans over $40 bucks. Now, it’s pretty standard in the industry to spend anywhere between $99 and $250 on jeans that are worth your time and the wear. Anything under that you might be skeptical of - this, I can tell you for sure.

I paired these new Wranglers with a cute Tommy Hilfiger top I found at Dillard’s. It has 2 things I absolutely ADORE. Navy blue & flowers. :-) I wasn’t leaving it on the rack.

And finally, since spraining my ankle, I’ve had to modify the shoes I wear a bit lately, so these wedges from Nine West pair nicely with flare jeans. They give some lift, so my jeans don’t drag, and they are versatile.

You can wear wedges with shorts, skirts, long pants, jeans, slacks, you name it.

Enjoy shopping this outfit.

So much love!


Photography by Maribel Morales