The "I'm Not Talented" or "Don't Have a Talent" Myth

Let me just go ahead & say it.

This is NEVER true.

For anyone.

This is not a matter of opinion either.

Each person on the face of this planet has something to offer - even if it’s just the ability to make others smile or make people feel loved. That’s talent.

The ability to DO ANYTHING that helps another human being in your sphere is a talent.

So you can rest in this.

You are, in fact, talented.

You don’t have to be a photographer, painter, writer, or florist to call yourself talented.

What you do & how you show up in your world IS your talent.

Contrary to what society has made it to be, talent doesn’t have to refer to just the tangible - it can also be intangible.

So make a list of all the things you know you offer as a person. Do not filter it, and do not feel like you’re being selfish or prideful. YOU matter and what and how you do it matters, too.

What are your gifts? The things that come easily with almost no effort whatsoever? And what are your talents? The things you do well you’ve cultivated over time or honed as a skill?

Everyone has a list, my dear. Even you…..

Put this somewhere you can easily refer to it on your bad days. Evernote, Google Doc, sticky note, OneNote, doesn’t matter. Make it accessible.

And when no one else will remind you you’re worth it, remind yourself.