[Podcast Ep. 31]: 4 Generations of Women Discuss How Age Impacts How We Live & Work

A few months ago, I had a great conversation with my friend Jessica, which is pretty much ALWAYS the case. :-)

We got off on a tangent and somehow ended up talking about our age and how that impacts how we live & work.

Well, truthfully, Jess had just had her 40th birthday, so that’s how we ended up on the subject.

I wanted to open it up. I felt like this was a great topic to bring to the podcast, so here we are!

I invited 3 guests to join me today, and I hope you get so much out of this. I have personally listened to it over 5 times already, and each time, I glean a little something different.

My Guests


Dr. Jessica McCleese is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist.

She works with individuals and couples looking to improve their relationship and caters to a Christian audience looking to integrate their faith into their work on their relationship.

You can find her in her private Facebook group designed specifically for married couples or on her website at www.befullywell.com.

She's also been a close friend and sister to me for coming up on 2 decades, and we attended undergrad together at Southwestern in Waxahachie, Texas. 

this one.jpg

Debra Lee May is a Life Coach & Mindset and Leadership Mentor 

Her mission is to help women overcome negative circumstances and neutralize negative emotions holding them back.

She's an expert at helping women who have felt lost, stuck, or unsure of what the future holds to create shifts in their lives. She's passionate about encouraging you to let go of the expectations of who you're supposed to be and step into the life that's right for you, and she just also happens to be one of my former clients.

Deb participated in a program I wrote several years ago called "The Introvert Effect" that was somewhat of a pilot program I could've never imagined would be as powerful as it ended up being for those women. 


Melissa Blakeney is my sister in law (I call her my sis-in-love)!

She has been married to her husband (my brother) for 9 years; together for 12.

She's a homemaker and also owns a business called MB Designs where she makes custom t-shirts and decals for local clients which keeps her very busy.

She considers herself pretty creative and enjoys being creative and seeing something come to life from nothing.

She also spends a lot of time reading romance novels and writing personal reviews for them as well.

She loves travel and being outside, is very humorous, and loves a good laugh!

In today’s episode, we will dive into these topics.

I’d love to know after the episode which parts of what we share resonate most with you!

  • Age & your network - how these change & are related

  • Life changes & how we perceive our work through those changes

    • Marriage

    • Children

    • Death

    • Moving/Relocation

    • Starting a business

    • etc....

  • Specifically, how our age changes our desires for what we want to do, how we want to work, & what we want to create