Art Isn't Just Painting...

If you opened this, I’m guessing you’re curious - curious about the point I’m going to make. :-)

I kind of already made it with the title - art isn’t just painting.

But somewhere along the way, someone convinced us that art only encompassed a beautiful canvas we hang on the wall, something sketched on paper, or a project crafted from watercolors.

The thing is….

That’s not all art IS. Art is anything you make - anything you’re called to do. Art can be ANYTHING that you create.

If you design a way for a spreadsheet to calculate what you need it to automatically every month for your business, that’s art.

If you sing, that’s art.

If you can create gorgeous arrangements of flowers, that’s art.

If you can create a canvas with someone’s face & makeup brushes, that’s art.

If you know how to interview people, that’s art.

If you can curate a beautiful Pinterest board or Instagram feed, that’s art.

If you love fashion & style & can put together an outfit well, that’s art.

If you can accurately tell the story of the message coming through your tarot cards, that’s art.

If you can sit down and author a book, no matter how small, that’s art.

If you can design an entire room and make it look cohesive, that’s art.

Lesson planning for class? Art.

Articulating intuitive messages from the Divine? Art.

Playing a song on your instrument? Art.

It’s ALL art, my friend. Everything you do and create.

Start claiming that you’re an artist.

In my next post, I will talk about what happens when you do.