3 Green & White Exotic Spring Floral Arrangements & Tips On Creating Them


First things first, let me just say that green & white is my go-to for this Spring around my apartment.

This is always a beautiful color palette, and works so well for Spring, regardless of your interior color scheme.

Second, let it be noted that every arrangement in this post is designed from high-quality faux floral stems.

There’s nothing wrong with buying lower quality floral stems - I did it for almost 15 years before I started deviating from the lower-quality faux stems to the higher-quality ones.

The main reason was simply that I would see other arrangements and wonder why mine didn’t satisfy me as much or look like that. I realized it was because I wasn’t investing in stems that were probably going to cost me a little more.

So I stopped (for the most part) buying stems from my normal spots, and started looking to invest in nicer stems and floral from brands like Magnolia, Pottery Barn, and Pier 1, to name a few. I also recently discovered Amazon Home has nice ones as well.

These particular stems currently on my bar are all from Pier 1. I created the arrangement, then dropped it into this gorgeous vase from Arhaus.


I got this vase from Home Goods a few years ago - it has endured many switch-outs of faux floral over the past few years.

Currently, I used several stems from Magnolia to create this arrangement, and I love it being on the floor - it adds dimension to this corner of my living room without being overbearing.

I can’t believe how real these stems from Magnolia look.

That’s definitely the artistic aesthetic I was going for this year - I wanted it to look like I plucked all of these from a meadow.

You may notice I also use white vases a lot.

I have dark hardwood floors, a dark slate gray couch, dark-ish marble counter tops, and dark cabinetry, so I balance out all of the dark accents with white & clear vases as much as possible, to create balance.

The dark accents are beautiful, but also heavier & bulkier in feel.

White & glass vases balance out the bulkiness of the dark accents and compliment, rather than overwhelm, them.


These branches have a story.

A couple of years ago, I was wanting tall branches for the tall, white vase I just shared with you, and it’s around the time I was getting tired of the Hobby Lobby floral I had been using.

I wanted a higher-quality stem that LOOKED real.

As if I went right out and snipped it off of its tree.

After about 4 months of searching, I FINALLY found something worthy of this status. I found these moss branches at Pier 1.

I guess they call them berry branches, but they look like moss to me.

Well, this year, with the arrangement I did in the tall, white, floor vase, I decided to transition the moss branches to a clear, bubble vase I got from Home Goods. I love how this vase curves, and how it holds the branches.

No water is required, but I did have to cut the branches, since they were made for a tall, floor vase. I used wire cutters to snip them down, so they look natural in the clear vase. Folding the branches doesn’t look real or normal to do, and I didn’t want rocks or anything in the bottom - to me, that doesn’t look natural. I just wanted them sitting in the vase, like they would in the ground.

As an added bonus, these branches are very very bendable, whereas most branches you see aren’t. I was able to intertwine these in and around each other well and easier than I normally would be able to with other types of stems.

I hope these give you some ideas for your Spring faux floral!! Go out & make yourself an arrangement that’s simple - you don’t need 40 different colors or types of stems. You actually only need one!