2 Inspiring Success Stories from 2 Women Moguls

You may have noticed I haven’t been around much, both on social media or in my writing here.

I’ve just been going inward - really focusing on my health, wellness, and where I’m at in this time in my life.

Work has also picked up for me quite a bit, which is a blessing no doubt, but sometimes doesn’t leave me much energy to sit and blog.

I wanted to share these 2 interviews I recently watched on YouTube.

I have recently started saving these types of interviews that share strong, successful women entrepreneurs sharing their stories of how they got where they are now & got started with their craft.

I’m forever inspired by these types of shares.

The first one is from beauty mogul & maven, Anastasia Beverly Hills, who grew her brand initially from being known as the queen of brows. :-)

Be inspired by her story….

My next inspiring interview is from someone I’ve been following since the Royal Wedding, Ms. Philippa Craddock.

She was hand-selected by Prince Harry & Megan Markle to do the floral installations and floral for their wedding that took place at Kensington Palace last year.

Of course, me doing floral myself, I was on this like flies on honey. I subscribed to her newsletter & have been watching her, following her brand, and being gooey-eyed over her website & talent now for a year.

She’s such an exquisite presence & person.

Here, she shares how she got her start in floral design, and answers many, many other questions about the Royal Wedding & her floral business.

There aren’t any other florists or women I’ve seen that inspire my floral talent on this level. To me, she is simply THE BEST. If I could move to London & work in her studio and live in the back of someone’s bungalow, I’d be just fine!