One Way To Wear Spring Whites


In my mind, there’s no such thing as a “seasonal white”.

White of all shades can be worn in all seasons, depending on how you decide to wear/style it.

But I guess if it needs to be labeled, this “Spring White” in denim is a WINNER in my books for this upcoming Spring season.

I’ve paired the MASSIVELY COMFORTABLE Good American Good Legs Crop/Cascade Hem in White Jean with a super soft & stylish, but cool Martine Moto Faux Suede jacket from Soft Surroundings. I do not wear my jackets open - I hate that. I like them zipped up and fitted. :-) You could certainly wear this open with a shirt under or tunic, even.

You could also wear this jacket with a skirt or open over a dress.

This is a gorgeous combination you can try out this Spring, using many variations:

  • White denim, colored jacket

  • White denim, white jacket

  • Denim on denim (denim jeans/denim shirt/jacket, etc.)

  • Dark denim & light jacket

The possibilities aren’t endless, but many.

To keep the outfit light & not chunky, I wore a clear gold-accented heel with this outfit. In my opinion, wearing boots or a chunkier heel is fine, but it makes the outfit look way too bulky & busy. If that’s your look & what you’re going for, wear on!

If not, wear a lighter heel or flat to keep the focus on the gorgeous white you’re rockin’!!! (And the entire outfit). Wearing boots or super bulky shoes takes the eye away from the legs & the white of this outfit, which are both important.

They don’t call these jeans “Good Legs” for nothin’!

Enjoy shopping this outfit!



Photography by Shannon Jayne