A Soft, Comfortable Turquoise Top for Workouts, Bomb Headphones, & 4 Fantastic Playlists


Outfit Deets

Turquoise 3-Stripe X-Back Top: Adidas

Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones: AKG

Gloves: Academy

Pants: Bally Total Fitness

Shoes: Brooks Levitate Running

One thing I cannot go to the gym or running without is my music + headphones. If you’re someone who works out, you probably agree. I can’t be without them. If I get ready to go to the gym and discover the battery is dead, I usually don’t go! lol… Music is a MUST when working out.

So let’s get into it…..

Here’s some of my favorite playlists I use in the gym:

  1. Workout playlist curated by supermodel & DJ, Anna Krylova on SoundCloud (I use this for cardio treadmill workout). Yes, she’s a super model & a damn good DJ!!!!

  2. Workout playlist #2 by Anna: “Get Sweaty” is the BOMB!!!

  3. Current Personal Playlists in iTunes (self-curated for my sweat sessions):

Playlist 1

  • Undecided - Chris Brown

  • Don’t Kill My High (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Lost Kings

  • Attitude - Trey Songz

  • Oct. 24th - YFN Lucci

  • OTW - Khalid, 6lack, & Ty Dolla Sign

  • Poke It Out - Playboi Carti & Nicki Minaj

  • FRIENDS - The Carters

  • Crushed Up - Future

  • Better - Khalid

  • Dancing with a Stranger - Sam Smith & Normani

  • Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla Sign) - Kehlani

  • 7 Rings - Ariana Grande

  • Solitary (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Berner & Mozzy

Playlist 2

  • Kelly - Kelly Rowland

  • Without Me (ILLENIUM Remix) - Halsey

  • Keep It Right There - Trey Songz

  • Cold - Lyrica Anderson

  • Rich Girl Mood - Dounia & Kehlani

  • Solid - Trey Songz

  • Oct. 24th - YFN Lucci

  • 100 Ways - Zhavia Ward

  • Attitude - Trey Songz

  • Lob - Kid Ink

Headphones Details & why I love them:

Compact, foldable design : Flat and foldable, easily slip them into your bag. Plus, you can take them anywhere, thanks to a compact carrying case

Active Noise Cancellation: Whether you’re listening to a book on your commute, catching some sleep on the plane or taking a call in a noisy café, you’ll hear only what you want. I’ve already worn these on airplanes and in lobbies also. You hear literally nothing with them on!

Long-lasting battery: Get 15 hours of playback with both Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation turned on and up to 30 hours of playback with just ANC turned on

AKG signature sound : AKG has devoted decades to delivering a sound experience that ignites creative expression. Balance gives you smooth, multidimensional tones rather than overpowering bass. It’s the perfect mix.

Volume Keys on the headset: I like that, while I’m working out, I can just reach up when a bomb song comes on, and I can blast it!!! LOL And then turn it back down - all on the actual headset.

Skip songs on the headset too: I can also move a button to go forward or backward in my playlists if I’m not feeling a song that day.

Regarding this outfit, it’s one of the most comfortable ones I wear. This top is super soft & flexible, and I love the way it fits my curves. The pants are extremely high-waisted, so they don’t move during workouts, which I love. I’m a huge advocate of Brooks running shoes, so these gorgeous ones are my favs!

Enjoy shopping the outfit, get you a new pair of headphones, and work your ass out to these playlists!!