PHOTOS: Santa Barbara

Well….to say the least, I’m disappointed my vacation went the way it did. Such is life! We can never predict what we will go through, encounter, or have to deal with.

I never would’ve voluntarily signed up, for example, to sprain my ankle hours after arriving in Santa Barbara!

I spent much of my vacation cooped up in my room, ordering in-room dining & sleeping, in an attempt to even try to heal enough to make it back to Dallas.

Luckily, by Saturday I was at least able to walk to the bathroom and limp around without a wheelchair. I was also somehow able to shoot for my Spring Lookbook, which I can’t wait to reveal soon! I did it mostly barefoot. The one outfit I wore shoes with, I did seated poses or with no pressure on that foot at all. My photographer was so supportive, positive, & high vibe. Gosh, she was amazing.

Definitely a first for me & challenging though, to be a little inhibited. Gives you a lot of perspective.

I hope you enjoy the gorgeous resort photos! I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Santa Barbara, Bacara property. It’s even more stunning in person than I could’ve imagined or you see on their site. :-)



PS - all photos taken with my Samsung Note9 ;-) Also, this isn’t half of the photos I took. LOL These are some of the best ones - just for y’all!!