2 New Graphics Client Reveals

I have been loving designing for a few graphics clients over the last year. I put my heart & soul into every design. I wanted to share the work I’ve done with 2 clients this past year.

Logo Client: Events by Shelton

This is an emerging events company in Dallas who wanted a very basic logo - nothing too involved or busy. They asked specifically for black, white & green.

A lot of people look at designs and think, “ugh - that’s not very creative.” The problem with that is that if the client is fully satisfied, and the designer gives them what they want and asked for, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

“Creative” is subjective. And often times, in branding, the more basic, the better!

Wanda Shelton Logo Proof (1).png

I also consulted with this client on the tagline to refine it and really pack a punch.

“Your event” speaks to the autonomy of the client to define exactly how and what they want for their event - something very important for this brand to do.

“Our design” speaks to the power and confidence of the event company to actually provide an exquisitely designed event - not just a party.

“Remembered always” is such a powerful statement that speaks to the ability of the events company to have this event be something that can and will always be remembered.

Logo, Facebook Cover, & Podcast Announcement Design Client: Kingdom Family Legacy

This client hired me to create their logo first, then a Facebook Cover & Podcast Announcement to supplement. They’ve been recording a podcast for months, so I consulted with them on the name of the podcast as well as the design.

I was honored to create a logo that matched very closely to what they initially submitted on a sticky note (lol), and they ended up loving this one:

KFL Final Logo 640x640.png

From there, I designed a Facebook cover with the name of the podcast & included the logo design. This was done in Facebook’s suggested size for covers in hi-res and leaves space in the bottom right-hand side for the two annoying boxes Facebook puts on covers, so that nothing gets covered up by them. :-)


Once that was done, I created a supplemental announcement, detailing more on the topics that will be discussed & when the podcast is launching.

Everything is a nice complement to each other, and is cohesive.

KFL Announcement Proofs.png

If you are interested in having me design anything for you, please go to my Graphics Design page & use the form to give me details of what you desire. I can either customize a package for you or you can select a package I have available.