My Word for 2019 Finally Showed Up...

Lots of people talk of having a “word” for each year. I have traditionally not been so intentional about having one, but yet one always seems to show up.

Last night, while filming a short video for my Instagram, one definitely finally popped up in my spirit for this year - EXPANSION.

Mindset & Spiritual Growth

I want to expand my mind this year - read more books, read more informative articles, learn more about human behavior & psychology, and be open to thinking in new ways.

In addition, expansion for me in my spiritual life is always happening. I love listening to podcasts, hearing new perspectives, studying the Bible & other texts, and exploring deeper truths about the spiritual world. I miss my Mom a lot, since we used to talk about this stuff, but I’m blessed to have a strong circle of friends with wide ranges of spiritual paths that I get to be in relationship with.


One of my mantras in life is “if people won’t promote you, promote YOURSELF.” I plan on doing that even more than I already do this year. I do not tend to be the one who just “falls in line” with corporate politics or staying somewhere unhappy for years. I also know what kind of money I want & need to make, and I don’t settle for less than that. In fact, I always push the envelope when it comes to my money. I will live just enough above my means to challenge myself to hit that next level. I’ve been doing this for years, and I just continue to soar in this realm. At the end of 2017, I left a job paying me a little over $80,000/year. I wasn’t satisfied with that at ALL (among other things) - I knew I was at least a 6-figure thinker. So I left. Within 6 months, I was making 6 figures and at the top of my field. In 2019, I plan on far exceeding that.


I want to expand in this area, and interestingly enough, quite a few opportunities have already presented themselves to do so. This isn’t about making more friends for me.

Expansion in the relational area looks like this:

  • More honesty

  • Grown-up communication about the issues

  • Fixing conflicts faster

  • Stop texting & pick up the phone

  • LISTEN more than I speak; observe and be present

  • Letting my friends be there for me too

  • Being more open to see things from another’s point of view

  • Patience with another person’s process & maturation

Branding & Communal Contribution

The word business, in my opinion, is overused. About a year ago, after an inspirational conversation with a coach & colleague, I pivoted my focus on branding vs. business. Less about how I make money and more why I do. Branding is different than business, although they do often run parallel. Branding is more the why and substance OF your business, while the “business” side of things is more the how - how you bring in revenue, how you make money, how you sell, how you resonate, and how you deliver results. Both are important, but for me, I’m wanting to much more expand the branding aspect this year.

What is Tamisha about? How do I want to portray the values I uphold in the world? How do I contribute in a very high-vibrational way with those values? How do I utilize all my talents & forms of expression and achieve wide distribution? Which one of those resonates most with people? How does it help another person? All important questions I’m focusing more on in 2019. All areas eligible for expansion.


I’ve reached a point where I really don’t want to make time for senseless chatter. I used to have more tolerance for these types of conversations, even as an introvert, but I do less so, now.

My expansion this year in this area will include more meaty conversations - seasoned with salt, uplifting, encouraging, & forward-thinking. I’m probably going to have less tolerance for conversation that doesn’t do any good or takes negative energy to keep alive.

None of us will do this perfectly (or anything else for that matter), but it’s a goal I have.

The way we talk about our lives is the exact way they manifest.

Health & Wellness

I preach what I practice. I’ve already signed up for a wellness masterclass with one of my favorite coaches on the planet, Brendon Burchard. It starts at the end of January. It’s a 10-day course that focuses on completely shifting how you think about wellness:

  • Day One: Energy & Motivation

  • Day Two: Whole Life Assessment

  • Day Three: Setting Intentions

  • Day Four: Overcoming Overwhelm

  • Day Five: Stress Relief

  • Day Six: Joy & Gratitude

  • Day Seven: Physiology & Psychology

  • Day Eight: Being Present

  • Day Nine: Purpose

  • Day Ten: Accountability

Expansion for me in the areas of health & wellness will be about doing all the things I did in 2018, BETTER. Lose more weight, eat even better, work out twice as much, push myself twice as hard in the gym. Learn more about all the different ways I can be a healthier human being & elevate my mind & soul.


I’d like to challenge you to find your word for 2019. Somehow, it helps you frame your whole year in a few minutes in every single area of your life.

And, if you’re so inclined, share your word with me in the comments or shoot me a message. :-) I’d love to know!