[Podcast Ep. 29]: 5 Dangerous Narratives of Our Modern Culture (We Need to Get Rid Of)

There are many pervasive narratives that infiltrate our society and modern culture, but none louder than these dominant 5. And they don't just apply to women - men, too. They are dangerous & loud, and I'm here to teach us how to change them.

In today’s episode, we’ll cover these 5 personal narratives:

  1. “I’m not enough”

  2. “Who am I to ________?

  3. “You’re too much”

  4. “Watch It…..Don’t say too much……Filter yourself”

  5. “I need to apologize”

And, with each one of these narratives, I’ll give you one word that describes the root of it, so you can start exploring where it came from - I can’t tell you that part. What I CAN do is give you the path & tools to explore it.

Once you’ve listened to the episode, let me know which narratives you’ve dealt with or are currently dealing with. Every one of us have dealt with at least one of these, I’m confident.

Enjoy today’s topic,