Your Complete Bird Box Guide to 2019: 7 Metaphors for Navigating A New Year

Disclaimer: This article is full of and completely reliant on metaphor. If you haven’t watched the movie, the article will make no sense to you whatsoever. :-) Therefore, please watch prior to reading.

Bird Box might as well have been called a blockbuster, even though that term isn’t really used anymore. People went crazy over this film, and Netflix has proven to really be carving out a niche of its own in the television and movie space.

I, myself, have no need for cable anymore as who needs it in the world of Netflix, Hulu, & YouTube? And for the other premium shows I love like Power or Homeland, I just use the Starz and Showtime apps.

As I sat down to watch Bird Box though, I had heard so many negative but also very positive things about it, so I was excited to watch it & form my own opinion, as I do with pretty much everything in life.

For the record, I loved the movie.

Ever since I saw it, there’s been this article brewing in my brain that I thought would be both inspiring & fun to write, so without further wait, here’s your complete Bird Box guide to 2019.

It’s not what you probably expect and full of metaphor. A journey through the woods, if you will. :-)

Keep Your Blindfold On

Yeah…..I know you were expecting me to stay with the metaphor that makes the most sense. Take your blindfold OFF. Open your eyes. Don’t be so closed off in life. And advice like the like.

But no. Keep it on.

I like this as a metaphor for our lives in the sense I’m presenting it, because often times we are getting so distracted by what everyone else is doing. We’re looking at their perfect homes on Instagram, their flawless makeup looks, their seemingly perfect families, their this and their that.

But what if, in 2019, we committed to only looking at what WE desire, what is best for our family, and OUR vision?

What if we kept the blindfold on? What if, by doing that, it helped us focus more on what’s important in our life than what others think, say, or do?

What We See - To Each His Own

Sometimes, it’s a GOOD thing to be the only one who sees or otherwise doesn’t see something. Sometimes.

And sometimes, it’s to your benefit to look at things or see things differently than others. Remember this in the year ahead.

The Importance of Obedience is Paramount

When ‘girl’ got out of the boat, she was being disobedient to the most important voice she needed to follow at the time for her survival - her Mom, yet decided to follow voices that sounded familiar anyway. This was a strong metaphor for me in the movie. It pointed out to me the importance of knowing and trusting God’s voice within me over & above every other voice that would try to be “right” in my life, I may have heard before, OR who think they know what’s best for me. Those voices are and must be secondary.

This year, let’s commit to trusting what we know & have been guided to in our lives, rather than folding to voices that think they know what’s best for us. I can promise you NO ONE knows better than YOU what God is saying to YOU - no matter how long someone has been in your life or thinks they know your life.

Sometimes It’s a Blessing to Be Blind

I’m an empath & highly sensitive person. That means that I can read motives through text messages or sense lying from a seemingly simple phone conversation. I’m extremely intuitive and sensitive to stimuli, motives of people through their behaviors, and the like. It’s a gift that feels like both a gift & a curse at times.

There are many times it’s to my detriment, because it feeds my over-analytical nature.

However, even so, the gift is still not infallible, and neither is intuition. We don’t all get it right 100% of the time, and sometimes I think it’s a blessing to miss something or not notice it.

I bet they had no clue what was at the other end of those torrential waters. They probably could’ve never dreamed a school of the blind would become their safe haven, but it did. In that moment, realizing it was the greatest advantage on earth to not be able to see, was very powerful for those characters.

Maybe this year it’s okay to not know everything ahead of time (as if we ever do anyway). Maybe it’s okay to not be able to see or plan everything. Maybe it’s a blessing to not necessarily know what’s coming. SOMETIMES, it’s safer in the silence.

Love Might Have a Different Face

I bet Malorie & Tom were an unlikely match in the minds of ANYONE who would’ve known or met them prior to them accidentally meeting by way of the traumatic events in their society.

NO ONE probably would’ve paired them otherwise.

But alas, Bird Box is a great example of the fact that perhaps love might have a different face than what we’ve known before, been used to, or ever ever experienced. Tom saved Malorie’s life AND the life of 2 children that weren’t his. He loved her for a short time and showed the absolute highest expression of that love by sacrificing his own for her.

If you’re looking for love this year, maybe it will have an entirely different path or face than you originally thought it would. And maybe it could be the most rewarding love you’ve ever experienced.

Fly, Baby

I think many people missed the entire point of the Bird Box. Maybe not. But the whole reason Malorie kept those birds was the fact that she learned early they had a special connection to whatever was haunting their society.

Their behavior served as indicators of safety or the lack thereof. In her brilliance, she kept them throughout her journey to help her navigate what she needed to. Then, when they had served their magnificent purpose, she released them into their appropriate habitat. They were never meant to be in that box anyway.

I wonder how much we’ve previously held on to things that aren’t good for us AT ALL. How often we stay connected to someone who’s toxic to our being, our essence, our dreams, our visions, our future, or even our present.

I’m not advocating using people then releasing them. I’m advocating being willing to release them if they’ve become more of a burden than a blessing.

And I’m also advocating we learn how to recognize the people who actually have the qualities & spiritual strength to get us where we need to be on our journey - the ones who are equipped to help us fly and be at home in our habitat.

The Waters Might Get Rough

I can’t lie to you. The waters might get rough up ahead in 2019. Or maybe they won’t - maybe it’ll be a peaches & cream type of year. But we have to be realistic - this is life and it’s temporary in nature. I never thought I would’ve lost my Mom so unexpectedly in 2018. Hell, the year was almost over.

But things happen, and things change fast. Time waits for no man. And divine timing rules, whether we want it to, believe it to, or not.

So while I wish you all the happiness, success, and open-hearted living you can muster this year, I want to be real that you might have rough times. And when you encounter those tough times, someone will be there with you. Someone will be willing to “look” to see how to help you navigate the waters. And you’ll get through it. And, whether you’re still here or not, you’ll get to where you’re going.