Red, Black & All The Feels


Outfit Details:

Red Jacket: Vintage Victoria’s Secret

Multi-Color Bodysuit: Fashionnova

Crossbody Bag: Jessica Simpson

Black Knot-Front Pants: Fashionnova

Clear/Gold Heels: Miss Lola (no longer available)

I shot this w/ my photographer, Jackie Wolf, in Bryant Park in New York at Christmas for this look. Such a fun little spot to shoot! We uber’d over from 5th Avenue.

Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy in those heels though. LOL!

I paired a vintage red Victoria’s Secret jacket with these new knot-front pants from Fashion Nova. To be honest, I couldn’t get the bow to look like I wanted, so I just decided to let them hang, and I ended up loving that look. I’m tall, so it worked.

Victoria’s Secret stopped selling clothes a few years ago, and I was honestly very very sad about that direction. I used to order from them A LOT. This jacket is one of my favorites in my closet. I’ll connect you to some beautiful options below.

Enjoy shopping this outfit!


Photography by Jackie Wolf

Red Jackets

Black Knot-Front Pants

Multi-Color Bodysuits

Clear Heels