How To Design a Bedroom: Moodboard Reveal

With my Mom’s passing recently, I’ve had a few people ask if they can come see me, to which I say “of course”. However, that means that Tamisha has to get her butt in gear with the guest bedroom. I’ve just plain out been stalling on it. And, sadly, I’ve been having my sister sleep on a queen-size blow-up mattress when she visits, because she visits me often. She says it’s comfortable, but I feel bad I still haven’t gotten that room done.

I’ve been working on it slowly. I ordered this gorgeous wallpaper by Magnolia a few weeks ago for the main accent wall behind the bed, and one roll wasn’t enough to do the whole wall when my sister & I worked on it, so I had to order more.

I just ordered another one, so we’re good to go now - we’ve got what we need to finish the job. I’m looking forward to completing it next time she’s in town.


This past weekend, after my Mom’s funeral while just hanging out with my family, I ordered this beautiful new bed for the room, appropriately titled “Her Majesty Platform Bed”. I meannnnn……what other bed would I buy? :-)


I chose this bed color & wallpaper since I had already chosen a navy blue, white, & gray theme for the guest bathroom, which I finished relatively quickly after I moved. I wanted them to be complimentary to one another.

Once I had the bed ordered and the wallpaper picked out, I stumbled upon a designer website that lets you create your own designer mood boards, which is exactly what I felt like I needed to finish this room. I couldn’t decide on an actual palette outside of my favorites of navy blue, gray, & white, so the struggle was real. Part of the reason I was procrastinating is overwhelm - feeling like there were too many decisions to make or steps needed in order to finish the job.

Enter the Corian Design Moodboard Maker.

It’s allowed me to create an actual mood board for the room to bring a more holistic visual to what I want to do. It lets you combine photos & textures to get a true picture of the design ahead of time. This will be a LIFE saver when I start putting on the finishing touches. I’ll already know exactly what I want it to look like, so I spend a lot less time picking out random stuff for it.

So here’s my mood board for the guest bedroom:

MyCorianDesignMoodboard (1).png

In design, whether eCourses or guest bedrooms, having a vision puts you ahead of the curve - it allows you to have a framework with which to work. It saves you tons of time and money as well. Time because you will spend less man hours trying to pick out stuff as you go, and money because you will not buy a bunch of stuff you end up deciding you don’t like or don’t match.

A mood board will put the mood, textures, colors, and vibe all in place for you, so all you have to do is fill in the lines. It’s much like coloring. Outline (mood board), then fill in (decor).

The Design Choices

It’s no secret my favorite color is navy blue, so I will be incorporating blue into the room - the bed I ordered is a navy blue tufted linen. I already shared the wallpaper with you - it’s a nice, elegant gray & white pattern designed by Joanna Gaines.

All the bedding will be plush white with the accents pulled in accordingly.

I will incorporate the green relaxed vibe somehow - not sure exactly how yet. Possibly prints from, like these 2 I’ve favorited or pillows.


I will pull the basket weave texture in using actual baskets, so that’ll be easy. The legs of the bed are a basket weave color as well as the frame I have chosen for the above prints. These would all pull in the basket weave color nicely.

I’m going to call this design aesthetic & room “Relaxed Bohemian”, since it totally needs to have a relaxed vibe, but with slightly boho textures & colors. I want it to be a place someone can actually relax when they come to visit.

Your Moodboard

When you go to design your mood board, you will first select a style then customize it accordingly. From there, you can tweet it out, add it to a Pinterest board, or download it to your computer for reference later.

That’s it for now - I can’t wait to show you the room when it’s completely done. Share your mood boards with me if you make them. :-)