I Was Invited to Talk Assertiveness and Other Topics in The Coaching Parlour!

I was SO excited and honored to be invited to live coach on The Coaching Parlour - the podcast of a dear soul I have had the pleasure of meeting - Danielle Holdman, recently.

Believe it or not, in about an hour, we tackled almost 12 questions & topics. I held nothing back in teaching some really valuable and in-depth things. 

Here's some of the things we discussed:

  • What Distinction has been all about in the last year 
  • 3 Misconceptions about assertiveness 
  • The 4 communication styles and their differences: Passive, Passive Aggressive, Assertiveness, and Aggressive
  • How the Divine Feminine relates to compassionate assertiveness & what that even means
  • How you can honor what you value in hopes that it aids your assertiveness to increase
  • How making UNPOPULAR decisions leads to immense growth
  • The differences between being respected & liked and my consistent recommendation for which one is preferable
  • How "no" is a power word and how we know when to use it
  • Outcomes & benefits of setting personal boundaries
  • Where wisdom REALLY comes from
  • And more...

A few notes:

  1. If you'd like to jump straight to the interview or only have limited time, please go to the 14-minute mark. That's where the actual interview starts. 
  2. Catch the podcast episode on iTunes here.