It's a MAUVElous Life!

RUCHED MOCK NECK MAUVE DRESS: by Venus (ALMOST SOLD OUT; options below!)| SHOES: Nordstrom Rack (Options below) | EARRINGS: Sam Moon (Options below)

I love this dress. It's long-sleeve, yet very cool. The material is thin also, so it's fine for a summer wedding, or other event, indoors. The dress is lined underneath with a very soft, comfortable material, which I'm very picky about! I don't do itchy or scratchy AT ALL! 

The morning we shot this in Dallas, it was still in the 70's and cloudy, and this dress was feelin' real nice. I wouldn't wear something like this outdoors for a wedding or event in Dallas or elsewhere where it gets super hot in the summer, unless it's under 80 degrees. You can wear it indoors, no matter the temperature and be fine. 

True story: I was stalling on finding shoes for this dress. But I ended up needing to wear it for an impromptu party over Memorial Day weekend that came up, so I needed to find some shoes FAST. I ran in Nordstrom Rack to see what they had, and as soon as I saw these, I fell in love with them for this dress. 

I will definitely be buying more dresses from Venus - I love the way they fit. 

Enjoy shopping this fit with options as per usual! :-)



PS - I would normally have a clutch/bag with this outfit. I forgot it, and remembered it on my way to the shoot, so in those situations where you don't have time, you have to go w/ it. For a shoot OR in life. It doesn't hurt anyone to go with the flow. ;-)


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