Meet Stacey Abrams: The First Black Female Nominee for Governor!


Stacey Abrams: First Black Female Governor Nominee in the US

It was just announced that Stacey Abrams has won out over Stacey Evans in Georgia's Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. 

She could not only be the first black governor in the United States, but the first woman governor in the state of Georgia IF she wins the general election in November.

It's important to note this will be a hallmark if it happens, especially since Georgia is still mostly dominated by the Republican party. 

But here at Distinction Studio, our main focus is not on political parties as much as diversity and the empowerment of more harmonious representation across the landscape of corporate work and politics alike (to name a few).

Evans won in a huge way, securing 76.5% of the votes to Evans' 23.5%, with 100% of precincts reporting. 

We're REALLY excited to see what comes of this in November!