Meet Debra Perelman: Revlon's FIRST Female CEO In Its 86-Year History


Revlon's new CEO: Debra Perelman

SO happy to announce that Revlon has just named Debra Perelman as its CEO - the FIRST female CEO for the beauty giant in 86 years of existence. 

I'm sorry, but that's pretty unbelievable to me. When I first read the headline, I was shocked. You would think that a company like Revlon would've long had a woman at the helm. Not so, apparently. 

Revlon was purchased in 1985 by her father, Ronald Perelman. She started working at Revlon in 1998 and has won the respect of her father in the role as well as became a member of the Revlon board in 2015. She's worked in the capacity of Executive Vice President and New Business Development. 

Revlon includes the cosmetics brand Elizabeth Arden under its umbrella structure, and has been struggling financially. 

Perelman, 44, will take the CEO position after just being appointed Chief Operating Officer back in January. She's worked for Revlon for 20 years, and everyone looks forward to her contribution in this new role!