Spring Tigress Vibes

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I gotta tell you - I really love this outfit!!!! The colors, the silhouette, the whole 9. 

In this post, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you in a bit on how my photographer, Esther Huynh, and I work to get my blog photography shots for the site & social media. :-)

I think people think we just show up and take pictures, but there's FAR more that goes into even one outfit and session.

So I'll share my personal process as well as the shoot process itself, booking, payment, etc. How we actually werrrrrk it!


So first is me prepping. I plan my outfits weeks in advance (usually). I will tell Esther what the color scheme is to give us both time to find a spot that serves the palette well in Dallas. Other times, we just pick a spot & find a good place to compliment the outfit. Lately, because she lives in Frisco and I work in Frisco, we shoot in or around Frisco during the week because it's convenient. On weekend shoots, we might drive to other parts of Dallas to shoot. 

Next, I plan every detail from the shoes to the outfit to the clutch or no clutch, purse or no purse, what colors compliment, etc. Accessories are usually most of the battle because I'm incredibly picky. 

We decide on a day, date, & time usually in advance, although lately, we've been doing on-the-fly shoots since I get dressed every day. :-) We are liking that flow as well as the morning light.

(Side Note and probably TMI), but I plan my shoots around my cycle too. Ain't no one want to be shooting when they're bloated, cramping, or feeling pregnant. I never shoot around that time for that reason. I avoid those weeks, if necessary. I have only done it once or twice. 

On Site

On shoot day, things can go wrong - the wind can kick up to 800 mph, my hair can look like crap unexpectedly, or it can rain or turn cloudy, JUST like it did for this shoot! It was actually drizzling - you'd never know it because Esther is a pro! 

We usually just play it by ear on those days. In my last post, you can see my hair up for a few photos because the wind was raginggggg. I had to put it up - it was everywhere. You have to be ready to adjust and go with what works. 

There's a difference between excellence & perfection I've learned. Excellence means I book the shoot, prepare to the best of my ability, look fly, come prepared for alternate things to happen, and enjoy myself. That's all I pressure myself to do. I'm not trying to be like Blogger Susie. Perfection would be much more stressful than that, and ain't nobody got time for that. Aim for excellence, and you'll be fine for your photography. Let your professional do her work and you do yours - that's why we hire pros. ;-) 


I do my best to pay Esther ahead of a shoot, and I use Venmo - it's easiest for us. I pay her for 30 minutes for one outfit or one hour for two outfits - her prices are affordable for me and very very fair for the work she does. Please contact her for her prices if you're interested in shooting with her. 

She is FANTASTIC about getting me proofs to review. I usually have them within 8 hours. She will provide all the digital negatives in a proof gallery online using a site called Pixieset. I go through each photo and "favorite" the ones I like - it will then place those favorites in a gallery. 

Then, once I have those, I go back through the favorites to narrow my choices (because I usually have like 20 favorites or more.....hehe). I get 5 photos per shoot and let her know I've made my selections via text or email. She edits those 5 (or more sometimes), and those are the photos you see on my blog and Instagram. So I maintain full discretion over what gets ultimately published, which I love. 

I have worked with photographers who edited every photo they took, which I think is generous but in sane. LOL Editing takes time, so this process is fair to all. It's literally the simplest process, and I love getting the emails that say "your photos are ready"! Favorite emails ever. LOL After the edits are made, I will get one more email with a .zip file with my edited photos in them. I own all of my photos, and keep them all on Dropbox in addition to this website. 

That's about it! Esther & I are usually headed in different directions once we're done, and I love working with her. I can't tell you how great it is to work with a photographer who understands my angles, curves, and what will look good. Esther has 'the eye' for sure. I have to thank my former photographer, Stephanie Drenka, for referring me to her. I've been working with her ever since. 

I hope you enjoy this outfit! It's literally one of my favorites right now! It's a full FashionNova outfit - people can say what they want about FashionNova. I love their clothes and they fit me perfectly with no tailoring needed. 

Have a great weekend, and enjoy shopping below! 10 options for each piece of my outfit, as per usual, because your girl T doesn't leave you hangin' and knows you're on a budget!!! 


Leopard Print Tops


Lavender Pants


Black Suede Booties


Printed Clutches


Lavender Earrings