Gunmetal & Black Lace


BLACK LACE TOP: Venus | GUNMETAL STUDDED JEANS: Torrid (no longer available; shop similar options below) | BLACK BOOTIES in Nathaly: ShoeDazzle | DARK FLORAL CLUTCH: Charming Charlie (no longer available; shop options below!) | SUNNIES: Diff Eyewear in 'Becky' Rose Gold

Photography by Esther Huynh

There's a time in my life where you wouldn't have caught me CLOSE wearing something like this. I have been on a weight loss journey now for over a year - doing it my way. I'm SURE I could've lost a lot more by now following someone else's program or diet plan, but I wanted to do it on my own - for myself. My own workouts, and my own mindful journey toward changing my relationship with food. 

And I gotta tell ya - I really prefer doing it this way. Lately, I've been considering biting the bullet, hiring a trainer, and going all in for the rest I want to lose, but for the last year, the journey on my own has been very, very rewarding. Watching myself make better choices and feeling GOOD about it has been SO fun and fulfilling for me internally. 

With that newfound bit of weight I've lost has definitely come a new confidence, too. In myself, the work that I do, but also things I can wear I couldn't wear before, which includes anything like this that shows any kind of skin.

I love this black lace top from Venus, because it's classy, sexy, but not trashy. I wanted something to fully cover me, while still giving a peek.  

I hope you enjoy shopping this outfit! As per usual, I'm giving you several options to choose from in each category below.

Love ya!


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