Delicious Black Bean & Cabbage Tacos With Fresh Guacamole



*White Corn Tortillas

*Organic White Cheddar Cheese

*Goya Black Beans

*Organic Cabbage

*White Corn Tortillas

*Homemade Guacamole

There's nothing I love more than tacos. I'm a true Texas girl. But changing my diet last August to a no-meat diet left me having to learn a new way around the kitchen. 

I've gotten so much better at making all the same things I used to eat with healthier ingredients and no meat. Whether it's chick-pea with cilantro or these I'm sharing with you today, I've sweetened my kitchen skills for meatless tacos. 

Without further adieu, let's get into the details of how to make these delicious tacos!

1 - Start the Cabbage

You want to start the cabbage about 20 minutes before you're ready to eat, because it takes time to cook down if you do it correctly. Cut some fresh cabbage from a head of cabbage from your local grocer, and add some light sea salt and black pepper to it after you put it into a pan. Put a lid on your pan on a fairly low setting (a little between medium & low), and leave it alone. Don't stir or take the lid off constantly. 

PS - for extra taste - add a strip or two of bacon (OMGGGG). I didn't do it in this recipe since I'm adding other salted ingredients. 


2 - Taco Shells

There's a bajillion ways to do taco shells. I personally like doing it how my Mother did it for us growing up - I turn on some vegetable oil in a skillet on a little over medium and get the oil really hot, drop one tortilla at a time in the pan, fold, then remove once they just start getting a little cooked. I use a salad plate to hold them while I finish other stuff.


3 - Cook the Black Beans

Next, I put a can of Goya Black Beans into a small pan to start heating while I make the homemade guacamole. You can also use the microwave, but lately I've been using a pan because they seem to cook to a better consistency I like more. I think they just get hotter and a little softer in a pan.

4 - Guacamole

There are a TON of guacamole recipes. And I will make it differently, depending on what I'm cooking. For this specific recipe, I didn't want to over-do anything, so I kept it super easy. (Ingredients below photo). 

You don't have to go all Rachel Ray to get good guac, but if you want to, by all means! 

One organic avacado, some sea salt & black pepper, and a dash of fresh lemon juice

One organic avacado, some sea salt & black pepper, and a dash of fresh lemon juice

5 - Organic White Cheddar & Combine

Once your guacamole is made, everything should be ready to go. Everyone can either make their own tacos in the kitchen - this is what our family did growing up - OR you can take it all to the dining room, so everyone can relax and make their tacos there. 


I sincerely hope you enjoy this black bean taco recipe!! It's my delight to bring you fresh recipes from my kitchen I'm learning how to perfect along the journey of a meatless diet. :-) 

To tie things up, let me give you some variations to consider:

  • Add hot sauce or salsa to your tacos
  • Use other, stronger kinds of cheese like sharp cheddar for stronger taste
  • Add ground beef or chicken if you eat meat
  • Use cilantro or pico de gallo
  • Use chick peas instead of black beans

Have a great Spring!