Livin' My Life Like It's Golden


Outfit Deets

Gold Off-The-Shoulder Sweater: Venus

Black & Gold Studded Leggings: Venus

Black Heels “Tempted” in Black: Miss Lola

Crossbody Bag: Jessica Simpson


I loved all the gold lights & accents on 5th Avenue in New York the day we shot this outfit - it went perfectly with the golden vibe.

I paired a gold off-the-shoulder sweater (which isn’t a normal wear or thing for me), with gold studded leggings - both from Venus.

True story that I looked and looked and looked and looked - for over a month - for black booties that fit the bill for this outfit. I finally landed on these by Miss Lola - one of my favorite places to get affordable shoes. The reason I was being so picky was the length of the pants. They weren’t crop, but they weren’t long, so it made my neuroses come to life with trying to get a bootie that was the “right” length.

I wore a dark black pair of socks with them, since they are open-toe. You can do this with a LOT of shoes in the winter! But make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing a costume. You want to wear a pair of socks that matches the shoe or the background of the shoe.

As usual, I’m giving you several options to get this exact look below, and happy shopping!

With all my holiday love!


Photography by Jackie Wolf

Gold/Yellow Sweaters

Black & Gold Studded Leggings

Black Open-Toe Booties

Black Crossbody Bags