[Podcast Ep. 28]: The Role of the Grounded Female Part II

Pretty quickly after Part 1 of this podcast came to me, Part 2 was born. In fact, within a few days, I had written this sequel episode.

In it, I’m addressing 6 more things the grounded woman can watch for in 2019, including:

  1. Seeing beyond how things “seem”

  2. Having a spiritual center, emotional stability, and emotional intelligence

  3. Being positive & uplifting; Doesn’t seek drama or dramatic connections

  4. Not internalizing everything said about her, to her, or with her

  5. The exercise of patience

  6. Learning to communicate well

    1. Not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions

    2. Picking up the phone

    3. Saying what you feel; stop being assumptive & passive

We will discuss these topics in this week’s episode. Hint: I get a WEE BIT passionate in this one! Listener beware!

Please let me know which one of these (or several) resonates with you, now that you’ve listened to the episode.

Stay grounded.