[Podcast Ep. 27]: The Role of the Grounded Female Part I

There’s a lot of distraction these days, and especially around this time of year. We can certainly get focused on the wrong things. This episode will hopefully help you stay a bit more grounded.

This being my first podcast since my Mother passed away, I wanted to talk about some things that define the role of “the grounded woman”. What are some of the things this role takes on, and how does that look?

Here, after all, I’m all about grounded & peaceful living, yet I haven’t really delved into what being grounded looks like.

Honestly, I can’t define to you what grounded means for you - and you can’t define what it means to me.

What one woman considers grounded another might consider reckless.

What I CAN do is teach some ways you can show up in the world strong once you feel a bit more grounded - however that looks for you. :-)

So in this 27th episode of The Modern Woman Podcast, I’m talking about 6 things you can focus on as a grounded woman.

At the end of the episode, I’d love to know which one of these most resonates with you.

I sincerely hope one of these is something you can focus on - especially this time of the year & season.

It is your power and your service to be this type of person to those around you. People will feel it & flock to you. It’s such a positive, powerful, loving energy.

All my grounded love to you today and in the coming days!