2018 Christmas Decor Tour


Welcome to my apartment!

These photos are just some little beautiful spots in my place done up for Christmas.

I have yet to have a Christmas tree on any given year, and I also have a 2nd bedroom I didn’t really do anything with this year. In addition, I haven’t settled on a dining room design yet, so there’s nothing in there yet either.

Design takes me a LONG time to decide on - I should probably work on that.

However, I hope you enjoy the decor. :-)

I ended up throwing away 90% of all my Christmas decor this year, including 5 bags of trash, a hand-made wreath I made like a decade ago & have been using year after year, and another vertical wreath. I threw all of it away.

Over time, my tastes and affinity for minimalism changes such that I realized over half of what I had was just NOT ME anymore.

I like clean, minimal design with just a touch of modernism. I’m sort of a Pottery Barn, Boho, Modern mix.

All of the photos are shot with my Samsung Note9, in case you are wondering, and I do not do any “professional editing”. These are raw shots straight from my phone.

I went with a clean, white & pine cone theme for this year, and I bought NOTHING NEW. The only new things in these photos are the fresh floral or greenery stems I got at the grocery store last night.

I didn’t buy one single new thing to decorate with this year. It’s all stuff I’ve had or re-purposed in some way.

That’s the thing about design. It can be done so many ways, it’s infinite what is possible when you get creative and don’t put restrictions on how something can be used.

The other thing I encourage you to do is not compare your designs or styles to another person’s. Just like personal style, personal home design is just that - PERSONAL. I see some bloggers’ apartment and I’m like “oh noooo….I’d never do that wallpaper in my house!” You don’t have to be judgy - just be comfortable with YOUR style and design.

You don’t have to design like anyone on Instagram or the most popular blogger. Just be you & share from the heart.

That said, let’s start with the kitchen…

I went with a pine cone theme throughout. Mainly because I just love how wintry they make everything feel. I used a cake stand to showcase many of my favorites, including white-tipped pine cones.

Another design element I love are these dried oranges!

The TI leaf is real in the vase below, and the other stems are faux.

I keep Xylitol & Oatmeal in glass canisters, since I use both of these quite a bit. I only use Olive or Grapeseed oils to cook with, so those stay out, and even though I had stopped drinking coffee for months, I picked it up again after I got a new Keurig from my brother & sister in love. I love my little coffee bar, and it also brews hot water for my teas.

Room Details

Soap & Lotion Tray: Container Store | Love Lotion: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Line | White Soap Dispenser: HomeGoods | Hand Wash: Meyer’s in Basil | Small White Vase: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines| Faux Floral & Candle Holders: HobbyLobby | White Cake Stand: HomeGoods | Pine Cones are from various sources | Oh, Coffee Sign: TianaMae Designs Dallas | Coffee Bar White Tray: HomeGoods | Wooden Tray w/ Handles: HobbyLobby

I spend the most time in the living room, my bedroom, & the kitchen. Those are the main areas I focused on making gorgeous. Also my bathroom.

Next, let’s go into the living room…

I have SLOWLY started upgrading my living room, which is a huge task to take on, being I’m not even done with the rest of my apartment yet. But alas, it’s where I spend the most time writing, watching YouTube or the occasional TV show on Hulu, Christmas movies, eating, or playing dominoes after I get home from the gym and need to wind down.

That said, all I really need are fresh flowers, a divine-smelling candle, and a cleanly decorated TV stand & coffee table.

I also just purchased this gorgeous new 8x10 Gray Printed Teague rug from Pottery Barn that I swear opened up the space and makes it feel 2 times as big! I’m loving it.

I hand-stained my coffee table back in February to match the dark hardwood floors in my place, and I’ve loved that decision more & more each day. It just compliments it so well and looks gorgeous with this rug.

Room Details

Coffee Table: Joss & Main | Fresh Floral: Central Market Designed by Me | TV: Samsung | Magazines: Porter | Fresh Green Floral: Central Market | White Marble Tray: HomeGoods | Foraged Flora Coffee Table Book: Magnolia Home | White Leaf Tray: HobbyLobby | White Vase & Reindeer: HobbyLobby | Clear Vase: Central Market | Leaves Candle: White Barn | Other Magazines: Restoration Hardware | TV Stand: All Modern | Rug: Pottery Barn | Tall White Floor Vase: HomeGoods | Pine Long Stems: HobbyLobby | Couch by Cindy Crawford Home | Little White Birdie: Magnolia Home | Grey Boho Vase: Target | Modern Luxury Dallas Magazines | Gold Orb Figurine: HobbyLobby

Winter’s Corner


Boho Modern Spots are my fav…


In the woods…

I wanted to share a few vignettes from my bedroom although I’m not fully done with it yet either. But I love my nightstands I purchased earlier this year from Joss & Main as well as my jewelry armoire that hangs on my wall I always decorate on top.

I’m also looking to replace my dresser, but overall, design just takes a lot of time and money, obviously. It’s actually best to take your time & do it in your own way. You can do it room by room, but honestly for me that doesn’t work. I just do it in pieces - whatever I’m ready for is what comes next.

So for some bedroom vignettes…

Although there’s no “his” yet, I love the his & hers nightstands - I like having a more feminine & masculine nightstand design in a room, so alas, there is both.

Room Details

Nighstands: Joss & Main | Lamps: Safavieh Home | Vanilla Balsam Candle: White Barn | Fresh Pine Stems: Central Market | Cream Boho Vase: Target | ‘Comfort’ Aromatherapy Lotion: Bath & Body Works | Boho Succulent: HobbyLobby | Nightstand Pulls: I replaced the originals with ones from Anthropologie | Gold Hand Figurine: The Kennedy Gift Shop in Downtown Dallas | Magazines: Architectural Digest & Magnolia Journal | Gray Candle: Hearth & Hand by Magnolia for Target in Black Pepper Coconut | Gray & White Marble Vase: HomeGoods | Gold Jewelry Hand Holder, Gold Leaf Tray, & Gold Tall Figurine: HobbyLobby | “Sleep” Lotion: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Line | Dark Peony & Bare Vanilla Body Sprays: Victoria’s Secret


Atop the Armoire…


Dresser Details…

Moving now into the Master bathroom…

This room is important to me to be clean and fresh at all times. I cannot stand clutter or a dirty bathroom! I do have double sinks and yes, I do use them both! LOL I do my makeup and most things at the main sink on the left side and my hair by the plug on the right side of the sink.

I didn’t want things to be too busy in here - just feel wintry. So I added my pine cone theme via this gorgeous stem I had I decided to keep and use in here. It did the trick. I simply used the pine cones I had left I didn’t know what to do with & slipped them into this tall glass vase for the other sink. Done & done!

Another thing I love are the silver accents in my bathrooms as opposed to the gold I use throughout the rest of the place. It’s a nice break from gold-ish tones. You’ll notice the same in the guest bathroom as well.

Room Details

Oceans Worship Song Lyrics by Hillsong Signage: TianaMae Designs Dallas | Crystal Rose Gold Candlestick: Oleg Cassini | Olay Body Soap | Brown Vase: HomeGoods | Greenery & Pine Cone Stem: HobbyLobby | Raw Sugar Hand Wash: Target | Tall Glass Vase: Walmart | Wall Clock: Vintage | Hotel Rugs by Wamsutta Village at Bed Bath & Beyond

Guest Bathroom

Room Details

Silver Large Vase: A Gift from an ex-coworker I love to use in here | Faux Green Stems: HobbyLobby | Silver Tray: HomeGoods | Hand Soap: Target | ‘Comfort’ Aromatherapy Lotion: Bath & Body Works | You’re Looking Gorgeous Today Wall Print: TianaMae Designs Dallas | Noel Signage: HobbyLobby | Shower Curtain & Marble Blue & White Box: HomeGoods | Plush White Hand Towel: HomeGoods | White Rugs are by Vera Wang Home

Enjoy your holiday, and I hope you enjoyed the tour!

If I didn’t list anything you’re interested in, please let me know.

Happy Holidays,