Reframing: Let's Talk About Your "And's"...

Every year around this time, we start to notice a bit of crossover between Fall and Winter.

We can see the gorgeous fall leaves still in their vibrant colors of golden brown, orange, & yellow, yet in certain parts of the country, they start to be covered by snowfall and early sunsets.

This reminds me of so many people I know who are consistently searching for why or how to avoid having two seemingly opposing thoughts or dispositions at once.

For example, how to be focused in our day-to-day work, yet also flexible and open to our schedule being messed up all in the name of “Presence.” How is this possible?

Or how to be analytical and discerning while remaining decisive and swift in decisions. How do we accomplish it?

My answer to this comes in the form of a suggestion. What if instead of constantly looking for how to have one of these mindsets or the other, you started asking how to have “both and”?

I am an advocate of the and.

What this means is I believe in the power of decision, yes, but in some instances it IS possible to have both of what we feel, think, seek, or know.

  • We can be analytical and discerning in a decision, but also sure about it.

  • My editorial calendar can look a bit more “consistently inconsistent” than the blogger who posts every Tuesday.

  • We can be successful AND slow with developing our visions.

Sometimes, a choice isn’t the best option. Sometimes, choosing both is the most powerful thing.

In working with a coach, I discovered that I’m what she would label an “intuitive doer”, meaning I’m a high producer & I feed off of intuition to produce. Just look at my Instagram feed, my website, etc. I have TONS of content. Sometimes, I’m publishing 3-5 posts a day on Instagram.

But you know what? I have no editorial calendar or set schedule for when I produce content. I just consistently do. That’s counter-intuitive to what most coaches might recommend for how to be successful.

My favorite author, Steven Pressfield, might even label me as an amateur because of it. I mean, shame on me for not being pro!

But what I’m learning is I DO work consistently - it’s just not the SAME kind of consistently as the next person. I’m a pro in my own way. I don’t schedule my content every day, week, or month, because I instead choose to be inspired to produce it. Hence, the intuitive aspect of the intuitive doer.

My editorial calendar is constantly being edited AND written simultaneously in my brain. It’s so much that I keep notepads all over my house & Evernote is on every device.

I’ve learned to work WITH my creative process instead of against it.

I’m inspired almost daily in SOME way, shape, or form, so I produce content consistently to keep up with those moments. It’s RARELY planned. The paradox is that often, I’m producing more content in a month than someone who has an editorial calendar - maybe even 6x as much in a given 30 days. It’s just not a YouTube video every Tuesday. :-)

This is a classic example of being consistent AND flexible. I’m consistently flexible. :-)

I share this to empower YOU in your life & work as well.

Embrace the and & see what happens for your creative process.

I’d like you to sit and jot down what a few of your “and’s” are.

Are you thoughtful AND protective?

Generous AND guarded?

Careful AND risky?

You’re not crazy, and this is entirely legit as a process.

Just like there’s often a way for Fall leaves to be frosty, it’s just as likely that you have several areas you’re judging yourself so harshly for not choosing, when maybe - just maybe - you can have both.