10 Fall Arrangements & Vignettes & How I Style Them


You see my Instagram. You see my vignettes & floral arrangements in the showroom. But have you ever wondered how I think through each of them to even do it? I mean. How in the world do I create these gorgeous little spots of home?

I’ll be honest - anyone can do it, but I do consider it a gift & an art form.

It starts way before you get home. You have to have somewhat of an eye & vision for color palettes, placement, vases, vase sizes, etc. You have to plan in advance. You have to know where to buy stuff and get what you need to create within your budget, and you’ve just gotta practice, practice, practice.

Usually, before I ever go to the store, I know what I’m creating. In the least, I usually know before I leave the house, “okay, I’m filling 4-5 vases of flowers, so I need to make sure I get enough to do that. I only need 3 stems for this one and probably 10 for that one.”

Inventory is #1. You gotta know how many vases you have and what size they are to get an idea of what floral you need.

For example, if you have a super wide opening on a vase, you need MORE floral, not LESS to fill it. Because if you don’t get enough, it won’t fill up the hole of the top of the vase right. You’ll be disappointed and realize you need more to make it look good. I’ve been there, and it’s frustrating!

If the vase has a super small opening at the top, you can just grab 3 stems & be done with it. It’s all about balance.

Let me walk you through 10 arrangements I’ve done this Fall!

I pulled out all my old Hobby Lobby stems this year and threw 99% of them away. I just have grown so picky about faux stems these days - I hate anything that looks cheap. These are what I ended up with and still loved, so I combined them to create a corner vignette in my living room.

Faux Stems: Hobby Lobby | White Floor Vase: HomeGoods | Faux Fur Blanket: Restoration Hardware | Gray Sofa: Cindy Crawford Home


A Corner in Fall

I also had these little wheat stems left over from my previous Hobby Lobby haul from the past several years. It’s the only other stems I salvaged, because I went with a wheat theme this year. I love creating little vignettes on the kitchen bar.

Gray/White Vase: HomeGoods | Wheat Stems, Potpourri, Gold Leaf Tray: HobbyLobby | Little White Birdie: Magnolia | Candlestick: Oleg Cassini | White Tray: Tahari Home


Little Wheat Field

I love this combination. I love the fall colors and the greenery I put with it to create this gorgeous, tall jungle-like fall arrangement.

Fresh Floral: Central Market | Tall Clear Vase: Walmart | Gold Orb Figurine: HobbyLobby | TV Stand: All Modern


The Fall Jungle

These are real, green wheat stalks. I didn’t want to diminish them by putting them in a colored vase - I wanted the entire stem to show through, so I chose a glass vase. The vase was a gift from one of the arrangements I received when my Mother passed recently. I kept all of them. :-)


Real Harvest

This was one of my favorite vignettes so far this Fall! I found this gorgeous, soft grass at Central Market, and I was mesmerized. I’ve never seen this in a floral selection before, and I’ve been doing arrangements for a long time. I just barely started Instagramming my work about a year ago. So when I saw this, I wanted it immediately! I paired it with the original white tray & potpourri from the previous vignette I had here and put it in a gorgeous geometrical-type clear vase, so there was no hiding the beautiful greenery of the stems.

Vase + Grassy Bunch: Central Market Southlake


The Grassy Knoll

Cattails have to be one of my favorite stems to buy and decorate with in the Fall. :-) I love them! They are just fun. I paired them with Israeli Rucus stems to create a bit of a woodsy feel in a white pitcher.

White Pitcher, Wood Acacia Tray: HomeGoods | Cattails & Israeli Rucus Stems: Central Market | Small White Vase: Magnolia | Wine: Decoy


Cattails in the Woods

I love these beautiful stems I get from Central Market. And the way they come in such large bunches makes them wonderful for a wider-top vase. These are not faux - they are in water. I paired them with a little rattan-looking dark pumpkin I got from Hobby Lobby last year - I just simply sat it in a smaller vase. They sit so nicely together.

Large White Vase: HomeGoods | Small White/Brown Vase & Floral: Central Market


Lil Pumpkin in October

Seriously though. This wheat in my bathroom is giving me LIFE in the mornings when I get ready for work. It’s so beautiful. I used it in this vase because of the shape. The shape itself goes so well with how the wheat falls outside the vase, that it was perfect. I paired it with grassy-looking stalks that just fill all the empty spaces the right way with no “placement” needed. I surrounded it with things I use daily - q-tips & face cloths.

Clear Vase: Walmart (old) | Wheat Stems & Grass: JoAnn’s Fabrics | Apothecary Jars: HomeGoods | Small Gray & White Pumpkin: HobbyLobby


Can I Get A Wheat-Ness?

I made these two arrangements for my desk at work. I don’t just keep fresh flowers at home. I have to have them everywhere I spend any large amounts of time, so that’s at work & my apartment. For these particular arrangements, I wanted a lot of greenery. I paired it with beautiful white roses and red Alstroemeria.

Large White Vase: HomeGoods | Small White Vase: HomeGoods | Floral: Tom Thumb | Small Leaf Trays: Kroger | Magazine: Magnolia Journal


Roses Falling

This is the last photo I remember sending my Mom before she died. And her response was “your stuff always looks like a magazine!” It made my day to send my Mom stuff I had created. I will miss that greatly. I never care about shares or likes on social media. I always just loved sharing with my Mom the most. Almost like I was creating for us both.

Small White Tray: The Container Store | Love & Comfort Lotions (Aromatherapy): Bath & Body Works | White Soap Dispenser: HomeGoods | Meyers Basil Hand Soap: Central Market | Floral Stems: Central Market | Large Clear Vase: Walmart | Sweater Weather 3-Wick Candle: White Barn


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