Batwing Ruffles In The Forest


Outfit Details

Bodysuit & Pants: Fashion Nova

Bag: White House Black Market

Shoes: Miss Lola

Earrings: Sam Moon Trading


This bodysuit reminded me of bat wings for some reason. I know they’re called ruffles, but they just look like bat wings to me. Hence, the title. LOL

On that note, it would seem I have a new obsession with bodysuits and high-waisted pants, period. Fashion Nova feeds the obsession. Thanks a lot! I have bought these pants from Fashion Nova in now 6 colors: Hunter Green, Lavender (Remember this post?), Red, Black, Cobalt Blue, and Hot Pink.

I know. I can’t help myself. :-) You know that line in Cardi’s song, “I could wear designer, but this Fashion Nova fits?” Yeah, it’s truth. I’ve never cared about labels - if it fits me well, I buy it and wear it.

I think what I love most about a bodysuit/high-waisted pant combo is that it all holds me in and makes me feel powerful, refined, and classy all at once. There’s nothing coming untucked, no belt needed, and no buttons or zippers to have to deal with. Just get dressed, snap up, zip up, look fly AF and GO.

That’s how I like to roll, people! You really don’t need 20 items to make an outfit.

I chose this batwing-looking bodysuit because I love a good statement piece, and this definitely comes through! I like anything that says, “I’m here and I’m not every other woman.” Those are the pieces I buy.

The bodysuit has been paired with a high-waisted pant, because other than jeans, this to me is the BEST way to wear a bodysuit. It elongates and is comfortable, all in one. Not that I need to be elongated! I’m already 5’10, but you get the point. If you WANT to add height, this is a great outfit for you!

I hope you enjoy shopping items I’ve curated for you to create this exact look (below)!



Photography: Londen Wheeler

My Outfit

Ruffle Me Up Bodysuit in Black: Fashion Nova | Victoria High-Waisted Dress Pants in Hunter Green: Fashion Nova | Black Bag: White House Black Market (similar below) | Leopard Print Suede Pumps: Miss Lola (On Sale for $23.99!!) | Leopard-Print Ring, Black Crystal Teardrop Earrings: Sam Moon

Black Batwing-Like Bodysuits

Hunter Green High-Wasted Pants

Leopard-Print Suede Pumps

Black Totes