Twitter Hires New Vice President Of Inclusion & Diversity: Meet Candi

Candi Castleberry-Singleton: Photo from  USA Today

Candi Castleberry-Singleton: Photo from USA Today

I was elated today to read of Twitter's new move in the inclusion & diversity department. They have hired a new VP, Candi Castleberry-Singleton, to represent the truer demographic on Twitter. 

They have apparently recently come under fire for having a lack of women and people of color in its ranks & staff.

Twitter has had 3 diversity chiefs prior to now as well - none of them reflecting the diversity actually found on Twitter. 

Twitter is extremely diverse, yet this diversity hasn't been reflected in Twitter's leadership, so this is a welcome change and one I'm proud to read today. 

Candi says diversity has to be seen as a core business goal that's essential to a company's success, and I couldn't agree more. 

When that is the case, people will find ways to solve the challenges of diversity. Just as important, they will watch for and respond to the social identity cues that show that inclusion is a core task, and not a peripheral one.