3 Areas Ripe for Women's Voices in 2018


If not now, when?

It's no secret that I'm all about your confidence and consciousness here at tamishaford.com.

My heart for all the women in my community is that they find the areas for which they're passionate, and learn to be assertive about the pursuit of those areas. This includes the spirit with which it's pursued, the language used when being vocal, and the consciousness behind it. 

In my opinion, 2017 was a turning-point year for women's voices.

We saw the march for women's equality, the rise of the conversation on feminism and feminine energy, and more recently, the outcry of women about sexual harassment after years of notable silence. We especially have seen it in the celebrity space which, honestly, was a great place for it to start. Not all, but many of these women are viewed as leaders in their industry.

This Time cover said a lot with few words:


So with all of these things coming up in 2017, I think a way has been paved - and a  portal opened for women's voices to rise in 2018 and beyond in a fresh, new way. A way we've needed for quite some time. 

With that said, there are 3 main areas I'd like to see women elevate even more in 2018. 


Never in the history of our country or past Presidencies has a President ever drawn such a dichotomy in society between the obvious increase in economic advancement but overall job disapproval ratings. 

While our economy is in the best shape it's been in in a very long time in certain areas, the approval rating of our President doesn't match those rising numbers or approvals we might otherwise give those accomplishments. This hasn't ever really been this prevalent prior to this term. 

The reason for this is we don't have short-term memories when it comes to certain types of pain as humans. And this last election was downright painful - for our society at-large. The debate was painful, the election, the media - all of it. We simply can't forget comments that were made about women, among other wretched discoveries that were made or exposed about "The Donald". 


This opened up the political landscape for women's voices in a way that has been unprecedented. 

Our current Congress has a record number of women: 20 in the Senate and 82 in the House of Representatives, but women are still grossly underrepresented and less likely to run in both local and national offices, regardless. 

In a new study that was just released by Jennifer Lawless, a senior fellow at Brookings, we're discovering that the reason most women aren't running for political office more is because they're simply not encouraged to do so as often when positions become vacant. 

Here's the most disturbing quote from her research to me:

“Women are very likely to believe that when they run for office, they don’t do as well as men. There’s no empirical evidence to support that,” said Lawless. “When women run, they actually perform just as well on Election Day, they’re able to raise just as much money, and generally speaking, their media coverage looks very much the same. But what we found was that women who are well-situated to run for office don’t know that and don’t think that. So they believe they’re not qualified because they think women have to be twice as good to get half as far.”

This tells me on a global scale, we're STILL struggling with self-doubt and negative self-perception. Even in the most POWERFUL of female voices. 

In 2018, I'd like to see us speak up more on political matters and be vocal about our values. And hell - run for office. Any office. Encouraged to or not. 


On a personal level, I'd like to see women create their personal boundaries in spite of who it makes squirm. Put people on restricted status who need to be on it to honor your digital space, delete who needs to be deleted and isn't serving your highest good, CONNECT with those who are for your highest good (and encourage you instead of hurl insults at you), and most of all - don't lose your own consciousness when dealing with these types of unconscious people. 

This video is a great place to start:

I'd like to see more women stop allowing men to control them physically, geographically, or emotionally with money. 

I'd like women to get more comfortable braving the wilderness. If we end up alone in our ideas, we'll still be okay. 

I'd also like to see women rise in learning about leadership and what it means to be a leader in modern society and in the areas of work. We need less management and more leadership.  If you just observe politics in corporate America, there are plenty of opportunities available. 


This includes groups of friends, social media, and relationships, in general. 

I'd like to stop seeing social media take and have so much precedence over relationship statuses in real life.

In many ways, I'd like to see us start stepping outside of social media & raise our consciousness about our connections without it. Just because someone deleted you from Facebook, unsubscribed from your newsletter, or didn't like your photo doesn't mean they are extracting you from their life. [Insert ridiculous emoji here]. 

That's such an unfair, harsh conclusion to draw about someone. We have to become more interested in curiosity and inquiry, rather than jumping to conclusions. If you don't feel comfortable asking, can you assume the best and move on instead of assuming the worst

We can often get in too big of a hurry these days in many areas - even in our own assumptions and emotional reactions. 

When I say raise our consciousness, I'd like us to go back to seeing social media as a tool, not a sole means for connection or a basis on which the connection rests. I've also seen people use it as a mechanism for trying to exert control over others. 

To me, honestly, "true" connection doesn't even involve social media. Social media is to connection as whip cream is to coffee - it's a nice to have. 

The moment we force another human being to only connect with us on OUR terms by requiring a certain level of connection on social, we have just lowered our consciousness about what true connection even is or was ever meant to be.

Remember when social media didn't exist? How did we connect then?  I'm all about modernity, but I think we need to up our level of wisdom and awareness about the social landscape in 2018 and get back to basics of connection. In many ways, social media enhances the social landscape - in other ways, it's ruining every bit of it. We have so many people not capable of putting it in its proper place. 

In addition, I'd like to see women start speaking up more regarding media, period. Whether or not you choose to do that on social media platforms is your choice. I have chosen to use it just because it's such an easy way to get the attention of brands and talk about things that matter to me and my brand. There's a WAY to do this that's respectful, yet still confident & assertive, but that's a separate post. 

Here's to a delightful and brilliant 2018 as we step more into the areas we're passionate about! I hope for some of you, it will include one or more of these 3.

I'm here with you every step of the way, and I will share as much as I can to help you be successful in this endeavor. 

If you're so inclined to share, please let me know what the areas are that you're passionate about and plan to be speak up about in 2018.  




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