12 VERY Important Lessons We Can Learn From "Suits"

SUITS -- Season:5 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross, Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane -- (Photo by: Nigel Parry/USA Network)

I recently (in the past month) discovered "Suits" on USA. I started with Season 1, Episode 1 and became pretty much obsessed. I watched all 5 seasons (season 6 is running now) in less than 2 weeks.

Every evening when I would get home, you could find me watching this show one episode right after the other. Yes, binging. Don't judge me. :-) I don't watch much TV, but when I get ready to, it's serious business. No pun intended.

If you've never watched it, I encourage you to. But not because I like it.

It's literally laced with all kinds of lessons that are right up our alley here at Modernity - compassionate assertiveness, clear communication, confident living, meaningful work, creative expression (and license), business, on and on. Basically everything I love & Modernity stands for and talks about can be found in this show's script.

I thought I would quickly "make a case" for why this show needs to go on your radar as a woman looking to up-level herself in the world in a big way and give some really integral lessons that can be derived from Suits in case you're still not sure it's worth your time.


Suits has taught me some important lessons about the power of people, relationships, and how to leverage your influence and what you know. In the 2 weeks of watching it, I finally made a bold move I knew was well overdue, stood up for the influence I knew I had within, stopped allowing myself to be disrespected and moved the hell on. I seriously don't think I would've done it without the lessons in power I learned from watching this show.


Boy, oh boy. Will you have to keep up! Suits will have you using your brain, so do not sit down to watch this show thinking you're just getting entertained. You need to be someone who loves a bit of a challenge in understanding storyline development and how people think. You will learn how to think outside the box and use what you know to get what you want and need.


Ah, leverage. It can be defined as the ability to influence people, events, decisions, and more; to sway. Lawyers are excellent at using it and even better at wielding others' wills within it. You'll get a taste of how leverage works and how to make it work for you. And, if it doesn't work, how to compensate for it. Donna Paulsen will give you a run for your money if you think you know anything about leverage! She's a red-head too. Don't get lost.

Strategy & Business

When I was getting my MBA, I had to take a course in business law. I LOVED that course because I always loved both business and law. This show will teach you a lot about how business and law go together, the role of an attorney in your business and how an attorney plays an integral part in multi-million dollar corporations' business plans, strategies, mergers, and lawsuits. Even after taking business law, nothing prepared me to learn what I've learned in 5 seasons of Suits.


You'll notice I didn't put this in with power. That's because assertiveness and power aren't the same thing. Often, assertive living is just doing the right thing and sticking to your values & morals. Sometimes, it's even shutting our mouths and listening. Moreover, it can be waiting and being patient for others to do what you already know they'll do. Assertiveness is a powerful thing, but it's only one tool we can use to leverage our personal power and is a way of communicating - it's not the only tool. Suits will help you understand more why it's important to go after what you desire and even how. I love how they walk you through the thought processes of all sides as the viewer.


Good Lord, you'll get tons of this watching the show. I would watch this and wake up the next day feeling like no one or anything better get in my freaking way that day. I would leave the house feeling like I could conquer the entire world. Maybe I got too involved. It's okay - it didn't hurt anyone. :-) Your confidence will have a fresh understanding after watching the show. And, don't think the show doesn't expose weakness. You get just as much vulnerability as you do courage in this round of takes. Confidence and courage go hand-in-hand.


Loyalty is a running theme in Suits. Loyalty to the firm, loyalty in relationships, loyalty to ethics & morals, loyalty to your word, loyalty to clients, loyalty to promises, loyalty to family, etc. It never ends that this show produces exquisite lessons and rubric in loyalty. Strap in because just when you think someone is holding up their end of the deal, you'll be blind-sided. There's never a dull moment.


Finally, pay attention to the communication (and lack thereof) in this show. Some really important things we've discussed here over the last several years are touched on: Communicating better, communication & friendship, personal boundaries, whether it's more important to be liked or respected, and why men love assertive women. More importantly, you'll get to know each character fairly quickly in season 1, how they communicate, and what they value most.


Oh, you will laugh. You will laugh SO freaking hard. And belly laugh! Don't think this show is all serious and about business and law all the time - it will have you cracking up for sure! I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. I love that the show is consistently funny in the midst of so much chaos going on - it reminds us that even in the toughest of times, we must find time to laugh at ourselves.

Love & Forgiveness

Human essentials. Suits is full of teaching & reminding us how this makes our lives better. You'll love all the different story lines of how each character loves & deals with their own stuff differently. Some with therapy, some with anger, some with tears, some with hot passion. I love how each character deals with life and love differently - it truly depicts our individuality in a great way.

Lies & Honesty

You'll get a handsome taste of what our daily dilemmas are as humans (as if we didn't already know) - telling the truth and lying, how and when to be honest, what to cover up, why & how, etc. Suits has it all, I'm telling you. Lies & honor aren't exempt from the script.

Fashion & Style

Oh, the suits and fashion in this show are just SICK. And by sick, I'm referring to a good kind of sick. Ridiculously tailored and form-fitting. Fit for kings & queens. The dresses, the colors, the fits. It's all "on lock" as they would say. I'm in love.

So, that's it! 12 very important lessons I think you'll not only love learning from the show, but be entertained by along the way. I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think you will really get into it. And, to each his own! If you don't love it as much as me, there's no hard feelings. I just want you to give it a try.

Best to you - come back to the comments & let me know what you think!


PS - Here's a few clips to whet your appetite!

Photo by Nigel Parry of USA Network

Photo of Suits Actors: Google