About Tamisha & Distinction

I've always been a woman of many passions! It wasn't until around 2017, I started more understanding how to fuse them all together in one place. I also started embracing that I wasn't ONE thing or ONE passion - I was many. 

Maybe you can relate?

Distinction is very unique in that it is a place I've created that meshes together an online magazine & media, of sorts, with my own self-expressions and inspiration. There are many online lifestyle blogs, but Distinction has a very clear, concise message it consistently sends to the modern woman...

True CONFIDENCE is birthed from inner self-awareness and understanding of every fiber of how we're created, and SELF-EXPRESSION comes in many forms to show others who this confident woman IS. 

Distinction Studio is a place for a particular type of woman interested in learning these nuanced life lessons and inner workings, but who also loves & craves beauty and wants a healthy example of how to express herself confidently. 

I use Distinction as a teaching platform to encourage & coach this process of self-discovery for confidence development within AND at the same time, it's MY place to express MY OWN process for expressing who I am in the world. 

Essentially, it's your place AND my place. It's a co-creative space where I hope you learn from me, and I am willing to learn from you.