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About Me & The Studio

Welcome to my studio - appropriately named after my late Mother, Sherilyn, after her sudden death & murder in September, 2018.

Promptly, after she passed, I renamed my website in her honor. I am the CEO & Creative Director of Tamisha Ford International & Sherilyn Studio.

We are much, much more than simply a β€œlifestyle brand.” We are instead, a multidisciplinary art & media firm, which means we offer and combine various media and art forms in new & unusual ways, for the purpose of inspiring, advancing, teaching, guiding, and empowering other artists and people who love curating (and investing in) beautiful things.

My Story

For years, I wanted many things, and I grew frustrated. I wanted a coaching brand, a lifestyle brand, a style blog, a floral business, a podcast, to be a speaker, and to be an independent consultant, just to name a few. And for years, I was coached and read articles that I couldn’t do all of that - I had to focus on one thing. And for years, I believed that.

It has taken me exactly 10 years since I started in the online world to realize those things were never good advice for a person like me & would never be able to be true - I could never be one thing.

I’m a multi-passionate, multidisciplinary artist. I have MANY interests, many talents, and a very elevated need for creative curation, creation, & distribution. In addition, I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP) and HSS (High Sensation Seeker). I have a NEED for very sensational experiences and expressive stimulation from my environments. I tend to attract people who also need that OR who want to benefit from what gets created from that sort of energetic space.

A multidisciplinary artist is often experimental, seeking new forms of expression and exists between multiple, established art forms.

As such, not only do I teach this to others, but I practice it and lead the concept naturally, by design. Here, you’ll find things like a full-service floral & interiors showroom, a consulting offering, coaching in the form of assertiveness sessions, an ever-growing podcast and more, like my personal style & graphic design shop.

Tamisha Ford International exists to inspire, support, & partner with other multidimensional & multi-artistic individuals & brands & create high-quality products & services that serve these artists & their well-being.

Likewise, I share a lot of my personal life & philosophies in other places rich with media & beauty too, to supplement the brand footprint, such as on Instagram. I also have a large following on Pinterest, curating ideas and many visual boards that align & help connect with the work we do here & the products & services we offer to our customers & clients.

I appreciate you being here, and I look forward to connecting with you and discovering what WE and YOU can create & curate next!