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About Tamisha & Distinction Studio

Welcome to the studio. :-) Distinction Studio was named such, because it's a very unique place I created for a particular type of woman: 

She's FIERCE inside, but not always outside. She doesn't always know how to express herself. She's probably introverted. She's smart, and doesn't need her hand held. She's delightful. She has strong, core beliefs. And she's willing to modify her thinking about things if it makes sense. 

She struggles with self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-expression consistently though, usually in one or two key areas. She wants guidance on how to express what's in her mind & heart more often and authentically. 

There are many online lifestyle blogs, but Distinction has a very clear, concise message it consistently sends to this woman...

TRUE CONFIDENCE is birthed from inner self-awareness and understanding of every fiber of how we're created, and SELF-EXPRESSION comes in many forms to show others who this confident woman IS. They co-exist, and one needs the other.

Distinction Studio is a teaching platform to encourage & coach this process of self-discovery for confidence development within AND, at the same time, it's MY place to express MY OWN process for expressing who I am in the world. 

I do this through various forms of media (podcasting, articles, and classes), speaking engagements & events, and curating beautiful spaces, such as Instagram & Pinterest. I reflect my own self-expressions and inspirations, while modeling the processes I teach & communicate.

Essentially, I lead by example through the work I do here and how I do it.

Distinction is your place AND my place. It's a co-creative space where I hope you learn from me, and I'm willing to learn from you.