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About Me & The Studio

Welcome to my studio - appropriately named after my late Mother, Sherilyn Ford, after her sudden death & murder in September, 2018.

Promptly, after she passed, I renamed my studio in her honor.

We are a unique place that offers a just-as-unique-as-its-name approach and philosophy on living a more grounded, peaceful life.

It’s interesting that weeks before she died, I had re-done the homepage of this site to include grounded & peaceful living language. My Mother, like me, valued peace highly, and I felt she was always searching & looking to be a bit more grounded, both in her relationships & in her life overall. Once I learned of her passing, I really more knew the purpose of this site & the work I do more than ever.

Unfortunately, as a result of her choices, she ended up in a relationship that got her killed. It solidified to me the goal & mission of what I do here at Sherilyn Studio, which is to help women be more assertive in their lives & with their choices, ground & root themselves, and learn to be in much more peace, as a result.

I distinctly weave in my own personal expressions into the brand, with a full-service floral & interiors showroom, a consulting offering, coaching - in the form of assertiveness sessions & an ever-growing podcast - and I also share my personal style & do graphic design.

In short, I do my best to lead by example by the way I build my life & this company.

I hold a lot of paradoxical beliefs and values, and therefore, I empower the women in this community to do the same.

Ideas/paradoxes like:

  • You can be grounded AND free to play on the edges.

  • You can be rooted AND flow.

  • You can be expressive AND private.

  • You can like nice things AND be frugal.

  • You can build a brand the way YOU want to without any cookie-cutter approach.

These are just some of the paradoxes I model here at the studio, and it’s my goal to inject as much teaching, coaching, consulting, & positivity into my clients & readers as possible, to help them feel more grounded and FREE than they ever have.

Likewise, I share a lot of my life weaved in with the work I do on Instagram. I also have a large following on Pinterest, curating ideas and visuals that align with the work we do together here. You can also find me on YouTube, teaching & encouraging spiritual grounding principles over there.


I appreciate you being here, and I look forward to connecting with you!