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Braving the Wilderness
[Podcast Ep. 22]: Braving the Wilderness: It’s Time to Not Be Moved and Stop Fitting In
Tamisha Ford | 8 October

Expert-level fitting in. It’s when an individual has become the master at being a chameleon – they can be this

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braving the wilderness
[Podcast Ep. 21]: Braving The Wilderness Starts With What You Tell Yourself
Tamisha Ford | 3 October

In every heart and mind, there is the desire to connect. It’s an innate human desire to want to connect

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[Podcast Ep. 20]: 4 Elements of Swag Absolutely Essential for Attraction
Tamisha Ford | 11 August

There is a consciousness shift happening in our current culture as it relates to attraction. I’m not referring to The

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[Podcast Ep. 19]: Why You Can’t Keep Personal Boundaries
Tamisha Ford | 23 July

Boundaries. Probably a million blog titles have talked about it, a hundred podcasters, a thousand articles. However, today’s topic is

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[Podcast Ep. 18]: When Women Support Each Other & When They Don’t THIS Happens
Tamisha Ford | 5 February

I recently had a situation happen I want to share with you about our topic today – when women support each

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[Podcast Ep. 17]: 2017, Relationships, Consistency, & Favor
Tamisha Ford | 3 February

While everyone else is probably watching the Cowboys game, I’m here recording a podcast for you. And while I love

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[Podcast Ep. 16]: How Can You Be More Confident in Your Decisions?
Tamisha Ford | 5 December

Today, I saw a quote that said, “Actions are facts. Words are thoughts.” I loved the quote, and it gave

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[Podcast: Ep. 15]: On Assessing People, Making Assumptions, Over-Loving & Giving, and Manipulation
Tamisha Ford | 29 October

Assumptions are dangerous (and passive). Assessing people can be misinformed. No one wants to be manipulated. And if the worst

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[Podcast Ep. 14]: I Am Not Your Guru, Life Stages, Lack of Commitment & Relationships
Tamisha Ford | 27 August

  Yesterday was my birthday, so I thought “what better time to record a new podcast?” But unlike other podcasts

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