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8 Things A Modern Woman Needs to Watch For In Her Spirit
Tamisha Ford | 22 October

A modern woman’s spirit is the most important thing that can be cultivated – over and above her body and

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Modern Women: How To Be Rooted But Flow
Tamisha Ford | 10 September

So I’ve been on another bit of a writing hiatus. It would seem that I now go through this every

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Why Do You Need Them to Apologize? A Consciously Confident Perspective That’s Better…
Tamisha Ford | 10 August

One of the things I absolutely love is when my students write me in email seeking clarification from Assurance –

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There is no such thing as “normal” + Stopping The Wrong Kind of Admiration
Tamisha Ford | 9 June

Allllllrighty….. This topic has been burning in me for a while now, but sometimes I know it’s best to sit

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What a New Meditation Practice Can Do For Your Confidence & Clarity
Tamisha Ford | 24 December

“Where there is peace & meditation, there is neither anxiety or doubt.” –St. Francis de Sales A few weeks ago

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The Law of Energy Exchange + 3 Ways To Cultivate Your Purpose
Tamisha Ford | 8 November

My favorite new YouTuber as of late is a guy named Mat Boggs. He wrote the very popular book, Cracking the

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The Purpose Problem: 3 Reasons People Are Secretly Living Miserably
Tamisha Ford | 26 September

I recently had something happen in my life very few people know about – and I haven’t shared publicly. That

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2 Situations That Are Making Me Feel Totally Present & Grateful
Tamisha Ford | 19 April

There is so much I wanted to share this week it felt too rich to share on a simple Facebook

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Because Doesn’t the Future Deserve to be Arrived at Peacefully?
Tamisha Ford | 25 August

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are

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