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5 Women And 5 Lessons We Can’t Ignore
Tamisha Ford | 8 August

  Confession. I go through seasons where writing isn’t my main form of expression. Nothing comes out. The pages remain

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It Isn’t a Lack of Confidence or An Inability to Love Yourself: The Real Reason We Return To Toxic Relationships
Tamisha Ford | 31 July

A Tips Column for Wellness, Mental Health, & Naturalistic Healing by Guest Writer: Jessica McCleese Did you ever read a

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3 Reasons Why Men Crave Partners in Modern Society
Tamisha Ford | 17 July

Guest Article by Marlo Spieth “I don’t regret my divorce” say 73% of women according to Avvo’s 2016 Relationships Study,

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An Encouragement Letter to Fatherless Daughters
Tamisha Ford | 3 April

My Story When I first thought of this idea to write this letter to you, I struggled with making the

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12 VERY Important Lessons We Can Learn From “Suits”
Tamisha Ford | 14 February

I recently (in the past month) discovered “Suits” on USA. I started with Season 1, Episode 1 and became pretty

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How to Be Confident Around Other Attractive Women
Tamisha Ford | 24 January

“People who naturally exude a balance of self-confidence and humility are incredibly attractive.” The challenge is always going to be

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7 Things A Woman Can Give Besides Hips, Lips, & Fingertips
Tamisha Ford | 30 September

As women, we hold a lot of power. Most of it however, we don’t tap into and utilize for the

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Here’s The #1 Reason Why We Keep Getting Offended in Relationships & What We Can Do About It
Tamisha Ford | 10 May

Words by: Tamisha Ford Photo by: Pinterest via the Saatchi Gallery: “Les Timides” by Cris Pereby It’s been said that

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6 Things We Can’t Get From Social Media
Tamisha Ford | 2 January

I was reading an article the other day online that said that social media was no more than a “carefully

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