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Quiet Confidence Series: The 2017 Pirelli Calendar & Un-retouched, Emotional Photos of Iconic Women
Tamisha Ford | 21 December

When I heard about the 2017 Annie Leibovitz Pirelli Calendar, I was immediately intrigued and stunned by the imagery found there.

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Quiet Confidence Series: Meet Writer, Zadie Smith
Tamisha Ford | 21 November

Welcome to a new monthly highlight installment on Modernity called Quiet Confidence, November’s feature highlighting author Zadie Smith. Here, I’ll feature

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8 Things A Modern Woman Needs to Watch For In Her Spirit
Tamisha Ford | 22 October

A modern woman’s spirit is the most important thing that can be cultivated – over and above her body and

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So What Does It Really Mean to “Slay”?
Tamisha Ford | 22 September

Slay, to me, is another buzz word that was introduced into the modern lexicon to describe a person who “kills

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Modern Women: How To Be Rooted But Flow
Tamisha Ford | 10 September

So I’ve been on another bit of a writing hiatus. It would seem that I now go through this every

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Selfie-Esteem | By Humor Guest Writer, Erica Wilkinson
Tamisha Ford | 10 September

When it comes to my appearance, I have the opposite problem from most women. With only a mirror and my

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5 Marketing Musts for Modern Business Owners & Brand Builders
Tamisha Ford | 15 August

Okay, so I was really trying to avoid this post, but I have been a little frustrated lately with some

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Why Do You Need Them to Apologize? A Consciously Confident Perspective That’s Better…
Tamisha Ford | 10 August

One of the things I absolutely love is when my students write me in email seeking clarification from Assurance –

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5 Women And 5 Lessons We Can’t Ignore
Tamisha Ford | 8 August

  Confession. I go through seasons where writing isn’t my main form of expression. Nothing comes out. The pages remain

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