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About Modernity

Hi! I’m Tamisha Ford – Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Modernity. I’m a writer, style maven, giver, and spiritual teacher, here to bring out “all the goods” in you!

I created this space on the web in 2010, and it has grown vastly in the past 6 years into an international audience of browsers, readers, listeners, followers, & subscribers in over 190 countries

Through my unique views on assertiveness, 150+ premium articles in the Distinction catalog, and growing podcast, I help modern women (that’s you) do 2 very important things:

  1. Develop confidence consciously (internally) FIRST, then…
  2. Learn to express that confidence externally in whatever life stage (and size) you’re at

I don’t think confidence is hogwash – I think it’s necessary. But, for me, as a highly-sensitive, introverted, bi-racial, curvy, style maven who also loves spirituality, psychology, education, politics and complicated concepts, I grew up not really understanding how all these pieces of me worked together, so I often felt left out or like I was different, but I didn’t have confidence in how I was different, because I hadn’t yet learned how to define it or what others needed from me. 

Modernity very uniquely provides guidance for conducting your own personal discovery to confidence development. We believe it must be done from the inside out. When you read our articles, listen to the teachings in the podcast, and take our courses, there’s a weaving that will happen. And just like in life, you’re going to start making connections you’ve never made before, learn concepts you’ve never been taught before, and be challenged as well as inspired

Modernity isn’t like other sites that talk about confidence and only inspire you with a bunch of clothing options and content, only to make you feel worse about why you can’t put an outfit together or where your confidence is. What makes us different is the depth and teaching behind the word “confidence”, and the ability for me to weave in the spiritual aspect of your womanhood. I do not believe confidence is only an outside job. It’s very much an internal one, too. 

My work and writing has been featured on Forbes, Forbes Woman, Life by Me, Refinery29, Medium, Loren’s World by Loren Ridinger, Holistic Fashionista Magazine, and more.

To supplement this work, I study insane amounts of content and spiritual ideas personally and combine them with my 20+ years’ of corporate work experience in multiple industries and positions, so I can offer a gorgeous tapestry of teaching and inspiration here for the women I serve.  

Modernity is confidence defined and how you’ve never seen it. 

We want you to do yo thang! :-) New-Sig


Here’s What We Believe Here:


Not every woman is the same (thank God)

There’s always at least TWO women going through what you’re going through

A spiritual path MUST be part of confidence development

Vulnerability is sexy and required

We can’t fully know ourselves if we’re not willing to do the work in finding her

The best versions of ourselves can only be found within

Modern women have a unique opportunity for growth, success, and liberation

Laughter and humor are a part of life that absolutely MUST be present for health

Self-expression in its many forms is how we give who we are to the world & express confidence


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