[VIDEO] Talk Me Through It: 4 Tips + How I Got Comfortable Being Visible on Instagram

Ford, Tamisha_010Whether it’s Instagram or some other social media outlet, they all lend well to helping you get out from behind your computer.

As an introvert myself, I was petrified to have public profiles, much less take photos of myself. It took me a loooooong time to get here where I am today. I started small!

Now, I’m doing videos, have public social media accounts, write publicly (without deleting them), and have a successful podcast.

It’s a lot of fun, but I didn’t just start doing it. It’s been a process.

I’m just now starting to get more comfortable with video, and THAT in and of itself is a miracle! (I didn’t even upload it to YouTube yet). Insert “thinking” emoji here. :-)

If you don’t care about being more visible in your life & work, this probably won’t help you – this is for you if you really deeply want to be more visible with what you can bring to the world – on Instagram or elsewhere. Not to mention I give you some AMAZING marketing tips in here for Instagram. (I snuck those in because I’m passionate about marketing).

Tune in below, and I’ll not only share how I did it but I’ll give you 4 tips on how to get more visible on Instagram & other social media. Pay special attention to the tip I give at about the 5:54 minute mark. :-)

So…..are you struggling with being more visible somewhere online where you want to be more visible? Talk to me…..let’s work through it. I will help you as much as I can.

Until then, do what you can. You’re enough and the process is yours.



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