4 Lies You Need To Stop Believing Immediately

12_tawoombaBefore I get into talking about the lies, I want to talk about the power of truth first.

I want to give ample attention to the goodness that can be brought about in our lives by living and knowing the truth about who we are and who we’re here to be in service to.

So here are some things I know to be true: You are a strong, capable, powerful woman and human being able to bring about immense wealth in her life spiritually, financially, physically, and emotionally.

You are able to hold to your convictions, make decisions that are in alignment with God’s purpose for your life, and possess a desire to co-create this life and know you can’t do it alone.

With these truths in mind, there are also lies that we can believe consciously or subconsciously, that hold us back from our greatest potential and creative life. These lies come in a number of ways including but not limited to: childhood programming (from our parents), various media and entertainment, or relationships we have or are choosing to be a part of.

I’m digging in deep to dissect these lies for you today, because not only do I want to see you free of them – I want you to understand why they’re lies.

I’m open to discussing more with you in the comments if you can think of them, but here are the first 4 that came to my mind initially.

06_tawoomba1. That it is unGodly to want to make more money, live a luxurious lifestyle, or increase your income.

This is definitely a lie, and you might already know a part of what I’m going to say. But first, I’m going to show you something different you may have never thought of.

I’m not saying this with any judgement whatsoever, but I need to use it in order to paint a picture. I want you to honestly answer a person who would ask you this question:

“How is a person living from paycheck to paycheck, barely paying their bills, and having to decide what bills NOT to pay each month having a positive impact on society, other people’s lives, and ultimately living in service toward helping people see who God is and can be in their life and expanding and multiplying consciousness in the earth?”

How would you answer someone who asked you that question?

I know I would have to honestly say, “They’re not doing any of those things. They can’t. It’s not that they don’t want to – they are just not able to, being in that situation.”

That answer would be in love, yet it would be truth.

That said, what is the alternative?

The alternative is something that many people are or have told you is wrong to want – to elevate your income as much as possible so you can have a greater impact and be in service in the world.

The problem is that, you have many people who don’t have that “impact and service in the world” mentality when it comes to money – they just want the “elevate your income” part. So what ends up happening is there are negative connotations formed around wealth when you see it. A new story is formed that says, “well, if I have wealth, I’ll end up acting like HER and…..no…..thank you!” Then you believe that story and it becomes your belief. So the very thing you want (an increase in income) you repel because you are associating negatively with it. The Universe doesn’t know what to do with that. It’s confused by what you want. You talk negatively about people who have wealth, yet you continue to ask for it.

Here’s what we need to know.

Everyone has a relationship with money. And the relationship is being guided by some story or narrative playing in your mind. I’ve heard many money narratives, but I’m going to share my two with you today.

Via my childhood programming, I learned and saw 2 dominant mindsets about money. On one hand, I learned how to spend money (that really should’ve never been spent) and how to stretch money (once it was spent). I watched my parents do both really well, but I was never really taught how to save it. This is definitely not a judgement toward them – they did the VERY best they could with what was available to them at the time. I have absolutely no angst about that. However, I’ve had to work through that.

On the other hand, I also learned how to hoard and not give money or only give it based on some behavior or merit to others based on emotion or performance.

Neither of these are stories I hold to now or want anything to do with, and I’ve slowly been able to transform these narratives and start creating my own. I don’t spend frivolously, I don’t want to be a “stretcher” of the dollar, and I refuse to be a hoarder when I see someone in need, regardless of how I may “feel” about it. I do believe in being a great steward and having wisdom.

That’s an example of a narrative that can exist in your mind, so I encourage you to explore your own – I promise they’re there, whether or not you’re paying attention to them.

So what we know is this: We have a relationship with money and need to explore what that relationship is today, that we have the power to change those narratives, and that we can’t be of service in the world by barely making it.

Knowing all of that, I can then deduct that anyone telling me it’s wrong to desire more for myself monetarily is only projecting onto me whatever their narrative with money is. And that is NOT my narrative. :-) It’s also not YOURS. And that, my friend, makes it a lie to you.

Someone may have childhood programming they haven’t worked through, but that programming doesn’t belong to you. Your job is to work through your own narratives and come to your own truth.  And the truth is if you want to give on a certain level, be on a certain level of service in the world, or be on a certain frequency in the earth, increasing your income is a tool that can get you there.

There are lots of ways to be of service and significant in the world, and increasing your income is just one of them.

This doesn’t mean everyone should want to be a millionaire. Some people feel called to make impacts in their local community, church, or family, which is also needed.

What I’m saying is that, if you’re being told what you want is wrong if it’s not exactly what someone else’s narrative is, it’s a lie and one you need to stop believing. That leads me to my next point.

10_tawoomba2. That your desires are not from God.

Ahem. How is that possible? Honestly. How?

There’s a biblical scripture often misinterpreted and read where this lie comes from. In fact, almost every time I’ve heard it read and dissected, it’s done wrong.

The scripture I’m eluding to often referenced is Psalm 37:4: “Take delight in God and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Now, most people interpret this as: IF I delight myself in God, His will, and His voice (behavior and performance-based plan of some kind), I’ll get what I want from Him (MY desires) because of my behavior.

I think this is wrong interpretation. 

We’re taking it as “do this SO I’ll give this.” But it doesn’t say delight yourself SO He’ll give you….. It says delight yourself AND He’ll give you….We’re in FAVOR of the “and” always (that’s the assertive, harmonious way!). We get to have both the opportunity to delight ourselves AND receive desires too. :-)

The first problem with this misinterpretation is it assumes that we get to create a bunch of random desires on our own, apart from God. Secondly, we’re actually saying that our relationship with the highest divine Deity is based on a behavioral checklist of right or wrong. ?? That’s not how I understand it.

So here’s the way I’ve been living from this mandate for the past 5 or 6 years now.

I take delight in God in the deepest realms of my heart AND SINCE I do that, I can trust that my desires are FROM Him. He literally gives them to me AS I delight in Him – because we’re so connected, His desires ARE my desires – they’re synonymous. There’s nothing I truly deeply want He doesn’t also want FOR me.

I have gone all the way back to the Beginning. I know where and how my desires are showing up in my soul and heart, I can trust them, AND I’m connected to their Source.

Doesn’t that feel much more wholesome and complete than a behavior plan where I only get what I want based on how I act? If and only if…..when and only when….? The Kingdom of Heaven is not a corporate office, friends. Goodness, let us not ever diminish it to such a realm (literally, God forbid!).

This is an interdependent process, not a co-dependent one. One naturally causes the other, not “well if you do this, then I do that.”

Listen, if we’re truly connected the way we need to be in this co-creative process called life, we can trust that the things we desire are from Him, period. That’s what you need to get here.

It doesn’t mean we’re exempt from self-awareness activities where we check in and ask, “hey, is this what I’m supposed to be doing or working toward?” It just means that we should have this in confidence, that if we’re connected on a day to day basis to our purpose and personal transformation, we can trust what’s being birthed in that process. 

We DO have the ability to create bogus or otherwise conflicting desires in the meanwhile. That is the essential reason for a connection and relationship with God. It keeps those desires aligned as much as possible, so we are solidified in their source.

04_tawoomba3. That luxury and simplicity can’t co-exist.

Can I be quite honest with you? This belief is hogwash and gets on my nerves. In what universe was there EVER a spiritual principle or otherwise possibility of truth that said luxury and simplicity can’t co-exist?

The reason this belief exists (mostly all over Pinterest), is that it “sounds” profound. But there’s actually no truth to it at all. I know plenty of people who have luxurious, wealthy lives and amazing lifestyle simplicity, as a result. 

Let’s dial it back a sec. Most people in true human form associate the word “luxury” with money, right (or maybe the word “complicated” or “overwhelming”? And most people associate “simplicity” with not needing a lot of money or being rather “small” in what they “need” or desire.

Granted, there are plenty of people in the world who have a whole lot of money and the most complicated, loud lives of them all, which brings truth to the statement.

But there are just as many living seemingly “simplistic” lives who are also generously wealthy and live in luxury daily. In fact, if you do it right, wealth can bring a sense of daily simplicity that IS possible and IS okay to desire.

It’s highly possible AND okay for you to want a larger income and to make a great impact in the world, not to mention be healthy and deeply satisfied in your relationships – that’s the true measure of wealth, not the dollars.

For me personally, I find that the more my income increases, the more I’m able to streamline certain things in my daily life that make things – you guessed it, MORE SIMPLE. So this premise (and lie) that you can’t have both or you should want simplicity MORE than luxury is for the birds.

Luxury and simplicity can co-exist and do all over the world every single day. And if you’re someone who desires both, let it be so. Be in support of “the and” in life.

Assertiveness, by its very nature is harmonious, so it’s always going to be in support of the “and”.

4. That what you create or make isn’t having any impact and thus, you’re not “significant”

11_tawoombaWow. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is a lie if I ever heard it. Let me teach you something right now that I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard.

There’s a line in A Course In Miracles that says this: “Nothing made by a child of God is without power. It is essential to realize this, because otherwise you will be unable to escape from the prison you have made.”

When it says, “the prison you have made”, it simply means that we imprison ourselves by believing we do anything apart from God at ALL. As soon as we believe that, we have separated ourselves from Him and therefore think we also have the ability to create crap that also doesn’t affect people. Symbolically, it’s a prison.

Here’s the thing: this refers to EVERYTHING associated with your very being. Your energy has power. Your thoughts have power. Your presence has power. Your desires have power. Nothing you make, whether in alignment with righteousness or NOT, whether a fearful thought, positive thought or a tangible thing, is without an element of power.

This is why it’s incredibly important beyond words what you think about yourself. Because whatever you think about YOU carries power IN and THROUGH you.

I want you to be blessed, and stop believing these lies I’ve addressed here today – my guess is you’re dealing with one or all of them. You can’t truly be confident in any of these areas until you adhere to the truth about them and stop living from other people’s narratives. Life has much more ahead of you as soon as you do.




model: chloe lecareux (priscillas)
photographer: steven chee (dlm)
make-up: elsa morgan (reload)
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