Consciousness or Compromise: A New Paradigm for Making Decisions

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise. –Anais Nin

Two WomenIf we actually dissect this quote, what Anais Nin is actually saying is that what we truly want always lies outside of what’s possible or reasonable – if we’re honest. This makes us human. God has set eternity in the hearts of men, which means that, at our core, we’re designed to truly deeply want way beyond what even seems feasible or necessary at any given moment. My personal belief is that if you don’t feel this, you’re just existing. In your life, your business, your creativity – all of it.

The truest question is how do you and I go outside of this so-called “comfort zone” and make decisions we know come from our core instead of another person’s opinion or agenda?

A few short years ago, I started a “little blog.” I started this website you see now back in 2009 on the Blogger platform. I referred to it as “cute” and “a hobby”. I had shelved my own writing expression for years because I was self-conscious about it and not confident. In college, I wrote poetry but rarely showed it to anyone because it made me nervous. I felt like it was dumb or “not good enough.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

It’s all resistance. Fear and complaining are just forms of resistance, but what people forget is that they can only show up where potential is also present, so if you have re-sistance, you also have per-sistence – and you’re consciously choosing one or the other.

I wrote and wrote and wrote – about a bunch of crazy crap that was ill-refined. I wrote to test the waters of what I was capable of. I wrote to see if anyone cared to listen. I made a decision.

That even if my writing sucked or no one liked it, it felt good to do it again. It didn’t seem possible or reasonable at the time, but I just decided it was time to express myself in this way that was living on the inside of me I had shut down for several years. I wanted that feeling back again of what it felt like to hold the pen, stroke the keyboard, and think of cohesive ideas. I loved blogging. 

Slowly, that train picked up speed and became an international audience. Today, when I hit up my analytics, I see a completely different story than I did back then and it makes me smile. Readers in 180 countries and counting, emails, clients, programs, ideas, utter failures and some successes.

Had I not ever started that blog, my voice would’ve never been heard. My little space on the internet wouldn’t have ever gotten exposure. No clients would’ve benefited from my programs or courses. All that would’ve been left is compromise, because what I really wanted was beyond the veil of vulnerability.

So, here’s what I want to say to you:

Transitions? Are conscious decision points. And they matter. This is the cycle. Each time you get that feeling of something pulling you out of the comfort zone, it’s a decision point that has to be handled consciously. Otherwise, you’re just existing. Just compromising. And even that is a decision. BUT – let’s not forget paradox, right? You could possibly consciously compromise. I just don’t want you to get stuck there.

For your sake and the sake of people who need you, I hope you will choose consciousness over compromise. Expression over silence. Empathy over apathy. Decisiveness over mediocrity.

We need you.



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